Nia Jervier

Quick Facts

Nia Jervier, an American-born actress, model, and popular social media personality, has made a name for herself in the 21st-century Hollywood entertainment industry. She had made an appearance in the 2017 season premiere of “Dear White People,” which featured her.

Nia, a drama graduate from the New School, is forty years old, and she never fails to delight viewers of her television series. Her most prominent part as “Kelsey Phillips” in “Dear White People Season 1 to 3” helped to establish her most reputable and well-liked reputation in the entertainment world. She is currently working hard on her other ventures, though. To learn more about her, read the biography below.

What is the Net worth of Nia Jervier?

Nia Jervier has amassed recognition and wealth over the years via dedication and consistency in the entertainment industry. According to celebrity data from 2022, Nia Jervier has a net worth that exceeds $1.5 million. She also works as an interior designer, earning thousands of dollars annually, in addition to her performing job.

Nia Jervier
Nia Jervier, 2022. Via Google

Early Life and Education Background

Jervier was born in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States on June 7th, 1981. The model has a private, low-key existence; as a result, she has not yet disclosed any information about her family. Nia must come from a respectable family, nevertheless, given her style of living.

Miss Jervier attended La Guardia Performing Arts High School for the majority of her time before earning her BFA in Dramatic Arts from The New School. She does, however, have strong affections for and a keen interest in the entertainment sector, which could help her succeed in the glitzy world of celebrities.

What is the Professional Career of Nia Jervier?

Nia first developed an interest in acting and modeling when she was a little girl. She appeared in the 2009 film “La La Land” on the big screen thanks to her desire for fame. Her initial film served as the gateway for her entry into the Hollywood industry’s Fame world.

Nia Jervier
Nia Jervier from “Dear White People”

Similar to how Nia Jervier gained notoriety in 2014 when her TV show “Dear White People” was released after a period of time. Alongside actress Ashley Blaine Featherson, she played Kelsey Phillips. Audiences have been greatly affected by her role. She then extended an offer to participate in several acting-related initiatives. Beyond acting, Nia has established a successful career as a producer and model. She apparently receives significant credit for her work on “Once On This Island,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “The Taming of the Shrew” movies. She is also skilled at low-quality design, which is why she founded her own boutique business, House of Jervier.

Who is the spouse of Nia Jervier?

Nia is not wed. However, this reserved woman has also had a romantic relationship in the past, though Nia never revealed any specifics about it due to her failed relationship. She did, however, mention Joey King and Bradd Pitt, two of his favorite performers and actresses, earlier in the conversation.

Despite having a very private and reserved personality, Nia Jervier, the actress who stars in Netflix’s “Step-Sister,” is quite close to her mother. Only her parents, whom she greatly admires, are important in her life. According to Nia’s 2018 Instagram post, she has shared a lovely photo of her mother with the caption “Queen of the Caribbean.” Jervier is a travel and food enthusiast in addition to this. She travels the streets of Moscow, enjoying Chinese food and spices. Nia is one of a small group of well-known individuals that enjoys reading and drawing.

Social Media and Body Stats

Jervier maintains active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has more than 37.4K followers on Instagram, where she spends the majority of her time, and only 707 Followers on Facebook, where she spends very little time. Additionally, Nia has more than 4,201 followers on Twitter and uses the handle @NiaJervier to advertise her new series and upcoming projects.

Nia Jervier
Nia Jervier, Body and Fitness

Nia Jervier’s physique is fit and well-maintained as a result of her daily workout challenge to keep herself healthy. She is approximately 58 kg tall and 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her additional physical measures, which are unknown at the moment, will be updated as soon as feasible.

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