Nithya Kalyani

Nithya Kalyani Wiki / Bio (Birthday, Age & Trivia)

Full Real Name Nithya Kalyani.
Date of Birth B/W 1995-1997.
Age (as of 2022) B/W 25-27 years old.
Nationality Indian.
Place of Birth Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Profession Entrepreneur, media face, and celebrity partner.
Net worth INR 1-2 Crores (approx.).
Religion Hinduism.
Caste Kshatriya.
Education Graduate.
School/College A local school in Madurai.

Nithya Kalyani is a well-known entrepreneur, media personality, and celebrity partner from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India (born between 1995 and 1997; age: 25 and 27). She is well-known throughout the nation for being Madan Gowri’s girlfriend. Let me introduce you to Madan, a well-known social media and YouTube sensation from India.

What is the Nithya Kalyani’s net worth?

Nithya Kalyani  has a luxurious lifestyle in Tamil Nadu with her family. She has a private room at her father’s house where she is staying. Her chamber walls were covered with enormous pictures that she had hung. She also has a branded phone and a few other technology devices.

She hasn’t shared anything online regarding her way of life. Her different businesses and works are her main sources of revenue. On a general basis, her net worth is believed to be between INR 1-2 crores (approx.). In contrast, Madan Gowri, her partner, has a net worth that is roughly between INR 3 and 4 crores.

Nithya Kalyani, who is she?

In January 2022, it was made public that she had been Madan’s longtime girlfriend and that they were getting married this year. Madan announced in a message on his social media accounts on January 11, 2022, that he will marry his love of many years this year.

Additionally, he told his audience a brief yet beautiful love story about them. Now, Madan’s admirers were interested in learning more about his future marriage. To learn more about Nithya Kalyani, including her age, caste, education, parents, wiki, biography, career, husband, and other facts, read the complete article.

Childhood  & Education

Nithya Kalyani tries to keep the specifics of her private life out of the public eye. We looked through the social media accounts in great detail, but we were unable to establish her actual age. Her age is estimated to be between 25 and 27 years old (as of 2022). According to this, she was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, between 1995 and 1997. She and her family are residing in their hometown.

Nithya Kalyani  received her primary schooling at a nearby school. She then completed her senior secondary schooling at a reputable Madurai school before enrolling in a prestigious institution to further her study. Right now, we are unable to locate her specific qualifications. She has a keen interest in discovering new information. She used to focus on her schoolwork because of this.

Parents of Nithya Kalyani

Wikipedia – Nithya Kalyani She is her parents’ devoted daughter. Her strength and a successful job are support  by her parents. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents on her website or social media accounts. We have looked everywhere, but we are unable to locate the names of her parents.

She hasn’t shared any photos of her parents either. Let me tell you that the only photo we could locate was of her boyfriend’s mother. In addition, some internet sources assert that her mother is a stay-at-home mom and her father is a small business owner. Together with her siblings, she had a great childhood.In any case, she is an Indian national and follows the Hindu faith. We conducted extensive study regarding her caste on the internet and discovered that, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, she is a member of the Kshatriya caste. Soon, we’ll do our best to give you correct facts.

Relationship status

Kalyani is a pretty, lovely, and wonderful woman. She prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. The well-known YouTuber Madan Gowri announced in a post on his Instagram and YouTube accounts on January 11, 2022, that he will marry his longtime girlfriend Nithya this year. Madan further revealed that Nithya and he had their first encounter following their 12th grade exams. They initially exclusively communicated via Facebook.

Nithya Kalyani and Madan Gowri, her partner,Source;Instagram

Because of their generosity and manners, the two fell in love. After then, their friendship developed into a romance. Madan said, “I used to quarrel a lot with Nithya.” They split up and patched up numerous times. Finally, they made the choice to become legally married in order to advance their love. Let me tell you that they have been together for the previous 11 years.

Do you know about the Nithya Kalyani’s Work and career?

Nithya Kalyani is an exceptionally gifted woman. She worked in a variety of positions at several companies after finishing her studies. She hasn’t spoken anything, especially regarding her work. Her sources claim that she is an entrepreneur. Additionally, she spends her free time helping her mother with household tasks.On the other side, Madan is a well-known YouTuber if we’re talking about Nithya’s lover. At the time this piece was being written, his YouTube channel had more over 5 million subscribers. Many of his YouTube videos have millions of views, and viewers adore watching his educational videos.

You Should Know These 6 Things About Nithya Kalyani

  • Nithya’s official Instagram account is completely empty of any posts.
  • She is quite interested in hanging out by the beach.
  • 35.5k people follow Kalyani on her official Instagram account
  • She frequently tells tales using lovely quotations.
  • At her residence, Nithya Kalyani has a goldfish.
  • Despite coming from opposite castes, she and Madan are prepared to exchange vows.

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