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NoahsNoah is a YouTube sensation known for his Fortnite: Battle Royale gaming montage, playthroughs, and Let’s Plays. NoahsNoah is also well-known for his gaming videos, which have garnered him millions of followers.

What is the net worth of NoahsNoah?

He has yet to win any of the accolades or be nominated for any of them. His YouTube channel is still developing at a quick pace and has the potential to win accolades in the future. NoahsNoah’s net worth is believed to be between $200,000 and $2 million. His net worth is impacted by commercials and his two popular YouTube channels. There is no information regarding his home, automobiles, or other belongings, however.

What is NoahsNoah’s age?

Noah is a 19-year-old English YouTuber and gamer who was born in Surrey, England on December 31, 2001. His father’s and mother’s names have not been revealed. Furthermore, there is no information regarding his siblings. At this point, his religion and ethnicity are unknown. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. There is no information on his education or where he went to school. Based on her age, he could be in high school, but his identity is unclear.

Is NoahsNoah dating his girlfriend or is he single?

He is a straight man who has not yet married. However, no details regarding his personal life or relationships are available. Furthermore, no information about his previous indiscretions or partnerships is available. He’s still youthful and unaffected by gossip or controversy. He likes to avoid controversies and instead concentrates on his YouTube business.

How does NoahsNoah appear?

Noah has black hair and blue eyes. His extra height, weight, or physical measurements, on the other hand, are unknown. Furthermore, he rarely reveals his complete face in his YouTube videos.

Career of NoahsNoah

A game character in Youtube game posted by NoahsNoah. (Source: Youtube)
  • He’s posted a lot of gameplay videos on YouTube throughout his career. On April 24, 2017, he launched his YouTube channel, which has already had over 410 million views. Let’s Plays for Fortnite: Battle Royale make up the majority of his videos.
  • Gaming, collections, and commentary are among his other works. He’s already worked with Ceeday, Wx2S, Yung Chip, and Ninja at such a young age.
  • He’s also had a feud with “Ceeday,” which is well-known among their supporters and one of the more intriguing rivalries. They’re both known for their hilarious Fortnite matches.
  • He is well known for his collection series “Fortnite Dark Memes” and “Succs,” in which he reveals all of the Fortnite weapons. He also has over 52k views on his YouTube channel, where he performs The Mind of Craig.
  • “I constructed an army of default skins…,” which he posted on November 27, 2018, has approximately 13,508,873 views, is one of his most popular videos on his channel. Over 10 million people have seen his videos, including “HOW DID WE DO THIS……” and “STOP STREAM SNIPING ME!!!!!!” “So My Fortnite Account Got Hacked…”, “When You Pretend To Be A Noob In Fortnite…”, and “Fortnite Rocket Ride Trolling…” are some of his other notable videos. These videos have millions of views and are certainly worth seeing.
  • NoahsNoah2, his secondary YouTube channel, has 324K subscribers. “Finding Strange Stuff on GeoGuesser…,” “Epic VR moments…,” “NOAHSNOAH SETUP TOUR 2020 (emotional),” “Minecraft…. but it’s genuinely realistic,” and many more are among his YouTube videos.

Social Media

The talented star is active in social media. His Instagram account @noahs.noah has 99.9k followers and his twitter account @NoahsNoah has amassed more than 49.4k followers. Moreover, their YouTube account ‘NoahsNoah’ has 2.22 million subscribers.

Quick Facts about NoahsNoah

Full Name: NoahsNoah
Age: 19 years
Birthday: 31 Dec
Nationality: British
Horoscope: Capricorn
Marital status: single
Net Worth: $200,000 to $2 million
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTuber
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Birthplace: Surrey