Park Hyung-Sik

Quick facts of Park Hyung-Sik

First Name Park
Last Name Hyung-sik
Profession Pop Singer
Age 31 years old
Birth Sign Scorpio
Birth Date November 16, 1991
Birth Place Yongin, South Korea
Country South Korea
Nationality South Korean

With Park Hyung-success Sik’s in music, dance, and acting, there will undoubtedly be a swarm of female fans chasing after him. They’re also asking if he’s already committed to a romantic life.

Fortunately for his followers, he has yet to find a girlfriend, let alone a wife. He’s been married, but solely for his roles on TV. In actual life, there is no wife. There were no girlfriends, either.

He does, however, desire one. He’s available now that he’s moved on from his time with Park Bo-Young, but you’ll have to wait a while before pursuing him again.

How much is the Net Worth of Park Hyung-Sik?

When it comes to Park Hyung-Sik ‘s social media presence, he can be found on Instagram with the handle @phs1116. During the course of writing this biography, the ZE: On his official account, a member has over 6.5 million followers.

Aside from that, the singer does not appear to have any official accounts on other social media platforms such as Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. Park Hyung Sik’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million US dollars.

Early Years and Family

Park Hyung Sik is a 31-year-old actor who was born on November 16, 1991. Park was born in the city of Yongin in the province of Gyeonggi in South Korea, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Because Hyung Sik’s mother and grandmother are Buddhists, he was given the name Hyung Sik by a Buddhist monk.

Park Hyung Sik
Caption: Park Hyung Sik in a childhood photograph with his sibling. (Source: Instagram)

In Korean, his name is written as and in Hanja, it is written as. When translated from Korean to English, his name can alternatively be spelt Bak Hyeong Sik or Pak Hyngsik. Hyung Sik’s parents, siblings, educational background, and other personal information are unknown.

Why Did Hyung-Sik and Bo-Young Have a Feud Until Last Year?

The answer is ‘Strong Girl Bong-Soon.’ The two were filming the 16-episode series in 2017, and the on-screen chemistry they shared was too real for fans not to suspect something was going on.

With kiss sequences and even the marriage of two characters at the end of the episode, the connection between the two was always strong. The publication of a behind-the-scenes video was the most exciting aspect of the shoot. Before the passionate kiss scene was filmed, the two actors were seen acting all lovey-dovey with each other.

BTS of ‘Strong Girl Bong-Soon’: Hyung-Sik Gets His First Romantic Kiss With B-Young (Activate Subtitles!!)

The crew members couldn’t help but tease the two when a scene from their off-screen moment occurred. One of them asked if they wanted to re-film the kissing sequence. They were cautious at first, but they decided that one time was enough.

They Were Improvising Dialogues Confusing the Crew

The drama was an instant hit with K-Drama fans, and it topped JTBC’s ratings. Hyung-Sik agreed to an interview to discuss the success and the thrill of working with Bo-Young. Even though he was nervous before to the commencement of filming, Bo-Young made sure he was at ease. Plus, since seeing her on ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ Hyung-Sik had been looking forward to working with her.

When Hyung-Sik got too deep into the writing, he’d frequently rewrite the dialogues, which Bo-Young didn’t mind. The audio director mistook the two were real lovers after witnessing his overuse of impromptu remarks. He claimed that other actors around him were envious of his getting to be intimate on-screen with a beauty like Bo-Young during a press conference in February 2017.

Park Hyung-Sik confessed his love for Bo-Young, and she responded!

Of course, Hyung-decision Sik’s to take the role in the drama was influenced by Bo-Young. When Hyung-Sik proclaimed his love for Bo-Young in real life, however, the fire was burning! However, as you go through his remarks, you’ll notice that it’s a little depressing for him (may not be the same for the girls though). He was upset when the filming was finished because he would no longer be able to film with her.

Bo Young Park-

I truly liked you, noona. You were that endearing. You were unquestionably Bong Soon. It was natural for me to love you since you were the perfect Bong Soon. I wished I could love you more, but it’s too late now.

During filming, he said that his true affections for her allowed him to give his best performance to date.

Then there was the confession, but it never materialized. Source: Soompi

Meanwhile, Bo-Young “may” have been attracted to him because of his intense gaze. “Park Hyung Sik has a lovely expression on his face. I would have swooned if he had simply looked at me like that, but he did the same to the director.”

Unfortunately for the fans that adored the two, it was never confirmed, and they went their separate ways with their respective ventures. However, there was one thrilling aspect of their relationship: Hyung-Sik uploaded a snapshot of a present he received from the ‘Your Wedding’ singer on Instagram. He eventually admitted to drinking (moderately, of course) and posted photos of himself looking melancholy. Fans speculated about ‘Trouble in Paradise’ for their favorite wish-couples, but nothing more could be revealed because there was no official statement from the two.

Park Hyung-Sik has a dream girl, and she sounds eerily similar to Bo-Young

Hyung-Sik discussed his work with Bo-Young and how his peers were envious of him in an interview with Section TV. “In Hwarang, I worked with a lot of performers who were close to me. They were instantly busy chatting about it in the chat group when they found out I was going to act alongside Park Bo-young.”

Hyung-Sik's ideal woman was leaning to his co-star somehow
Hyung-Sik’s ideal woman was leaning to his co-star somehow. Source: Tumblr

The topic then went to what kind of woman would be great for him. “Someone who has her own stance and beliefs, is enthusiastic about her profession, and makes me want to embrace and dote on her while I’m with her,” she says. Of sure, every female would want to be held and would be devoted to her work for his reason. Nonetheless, he is compelled to stare at them.

“So, Bo-Young is your ideal type of girl?” the interviewer said as soon as he mentioned that. He was so taken aback that he couldn’t stop himself from gushing about the concept. We were aware of her power over him.

Hyung-Sik Discusses His Ideal Woman in this Video (Turn on the subtitles!!)

So there you have it; if you possess that quality, you may go for him. It might just make him take notice of you, and you might even make the news!

Military Work Provides a Break from the Light

Park Hyung-Sik has dabbled in every aspect of show business, including acting, singing, and modeling. He only has one more responsibility to complete: military service, which is required of every Korean male citizen.

That look got him called as the 'Baby Soldier'
That look got him called as the ‘Baby Soldier’. Source: K-Pop on Fire

The 31-year-old has a wide range of experiences. While it’s simply for show (‘Real Man’), the Baby Soldiers are likely to have it in real life as well. According to his agency, ‘United Artists Agency,’ he registered to join the capital defense command force earlier this year. In June, he finished four weeks of basic training and began serving in the Capital Defense Command.

In May, he told Hankook Ilbo, “I wanted to serve the job that I’m interested in and competent at.”

Park Hyung-Sik Enlists in the Capital Defense Command (Video)

With a few exceptions, every Korean man under the age of 35 is required to serve in the military for 21-24 months. Athletes, for example, are not required to participate in military service if they win a big gold medal for their country during their professional career (Olympics or Asian Games). They must participate in that sport for 42 months. After winning gold at the 2018 Asian Games, the whole South Korean national soccer team was pardoned from military service.

We recognize that this is a clumsy depiction of the situation. However, the celebrity will take a break from the spotlight for a bit, which will be a welcome breather from his decade-long career.

One More Reason Park Hyung-Sik Should Not Be Out and About for a While

Hyung-Sik was a member of the famed K-Pop group ZE:A, also known as ‘Children of Empire,’ as many of us know. He joined Star Empire Entertainment’s squad as a vocalist in 2010 and made his debut with the song “Mazeltov” on January 7 of that year. In 2013, he was a member of the ZE:A Five, one of the band’s three subgroups.

Two of the band members enrolled (for military service) in 2015, and reports about the band’s disbandment began to circulate two years later (in February 2017). They later stated, however, that they only wanted to go solo for their profession. They did promise to reunite when the time was right. However, with all of the members having already joined separate agencies, it is likely to fade into obscurity.

The group lasted for 7 whole years. Source: Star Empire Entertainment

As a result, Hyung-Sik followed suit, joining the United Artists Agency to concentrate on acting. Fans are grateful that he did because his fame has only grown since then. While he does have thousands of adoring admirers, it is definitely in his best interests for him to take a break from the spotlight.

The girls would have to wait while his military colleague extolled the virtues of working with such a multi-talented individual. Besides, when a celebrity reaches his age, it is common for them to fade away. As a result, when he returns, he can and will do it with a bang.

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