Patrick Lovato

Quick Facts of Patrick Martin Lovato

Profession Engineer
Full Name Patrick Martin Lovato
Date of Birth 10 August, 1960
Birthplace Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ethnicity White
Nationality Mexican
Marital Status Divorce
Relationship History Yes
Net Worth 1.5 million
Active Year 2013
Eye colour brown
Hair colour brown
Horoscope Leos

Patrick is well-known as a musician and the father of American singer Demi Lovato. However, he died on June 22, 2013. He used to have a huge net worth. Patrick married Dianna De la Garza and divorced her after a month of marriage.

How much was the net worth of Patrick Lovato

As we all know, he was an extremely dedicated professional. Patrick, like Jesse Novak, had a net worth of nearly $1.5 million. All of his earnings from his jobs as an engineer and musician. We still don’t know about so many hidden details about his work. He was the wealthiest member of his family.

Patrick Lovato, when he was rich. Patrick Lovato, when he was rich. Source: Inside Edition

Furthermore, his salary has yet to be revealed, but if we are correct, the average American Engineer’s salary is around $60,000 per year; no doubt Patrick had to earn at least that much, if not more.

Furthermore, no information is available about who holds his net worth after his death. We will notify you if there is any new information.


Patrick Lovato was a musician as well as an engineer. He was well-known for his quotes and as the father of Demi Lovato, a well-known American singer. Patrick Martin Lovato was born in Mexico on August 10, 1960.

Patrick died on June 22, 2013, far too soon for his fans. At the time of his death, the renowned musician was only 52 years old.

Can we ever know too much about Patrick Lovato? So we’ve included information about his net worth, relationship, family, and more.

The early life of Patrick Lovato

Patrick was so talented when he was a kid. However, his information about education is still unknown. It seems like he doesn’t want to talk about his early life.

Further, Patrick hasn’t even revealed his parents. There is news that after his divorce, he went to stay with his father. Likewise, we might learn about his parents from Patrick’s family in the future.

Relationship between Patrick Lovato and Dianna De la Garza

In terms of his personal life, he was a married man. Patrick married Dianna De la Garza, a well-known actress who has appeared in numerous films and television shows. According to the research, they met for the first time at one of their friends’ parties, where Patrick began to like her and eventually ended up in a relationship.

Patrick Lovato and his daughters Source: Pinterest

The couple had been together for eight years prior to their marriage. Following a successful relationship, the couple decided to marry on August 24, 1994. Similarly, neither has spoken about the point at which they became linked.

However, as we all know, they had invited many of their friends and relatives, and this was even covered by a major news channel. Before a few years of marriage, the couple became a parent of two beautiful daughters named Dallas Leigh Lovato and Demetria Devonne Lovato.

More on Relationship

However, their marriage didn’t go long-lasting cause of some reasons. They had filed a divorce from each other just after two months of marriage. However, A musician didn’t say the main reason for their divorce, but as we know, it is because of a long-distance relationship.

Further, just after a year of divorce, Dianna gets married to another man name Eddie De La Garza, who is a manager of the Mexican-American Ford Dealership. Dianna even makes her two daughters stay with her even after another marriage.

After being with Eddie for several years, they became the parent of one daughter, Madison De La Garza, on 2001 December 18.

Dianna and her second husband, Eddie Source: Glamour path

Moreover, on the other side, Patrick didn’t get married to anyone after his divorce from his first wife. But at that time, some news media even claimed he was dating someone secretly, but Patrick didn’t say anything officially.

It seems like he wasn’t ready for another relationship, and a musician lived single for the rest of his life. Also, read about Mila Santos’s net worth, relationship, family, and more.

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Patrick Lovato’s cause of Death

Patrick was a humble and down-to-earth person. His fans weren’t ready for his Death, even his family too. A famous musician and limelight person passed away on June 22, 2013, due to cancer.

Patrick was a cancer fighter, but unfortunately, he couldn’t win against cancer. At his funeral, so many of his friends and family were there.

The saddest person was his daughter Demi Lovato. She even dedicated the song name ‘Father’ from her song album ‘Confident’ to him.

Almost nine years of his Death but his family still love him endlessly. However, we are sorry for Patrick’s family and friends loss. We hope all of you feel surrounded by much love. We are sending so much joy to them from our site Favebite.

Patrick and his daughter Demi Lovato

Patrick cares for his daughter Demi, and Demi loves his father too. As per the report, Demi was the saddest person after Patrick’s Death. She even wrote a song for him.

Demi even said in an interview ‘The last time I talked to him was two years ago. You try to have faith in somebody, even when you are the last person that believes in him.’ Which clearly shows how much she cares and respects her dad.

Demi Lovato with her father Source: The Mirror

Even though she cares about him, there are so many things that she still doesn’t like about his father; where she wrote the song ‘World of Chance,’ where demi says how she gives so many chances to her father, but he still makes them feel bad for there efforts.

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After that, she started writing songs about her father, like For the love of a daughter and Shouldn’t come back.

However, In the interview, demi says that she knows that her father wanted to be a good person and talked about something abusive she doesn’t want to be for her dad’s Death. Even Patrick was happy to see that demi’s stepdad was taking good care of her, which he couldn’t be.