Pauline Jessica

Pauline Jessica (born in 1993; age: 29) was a well-known movie diva and actress from the South Indian film industry. She may not have appeared in many South Indian films, but she was becoming well-known for her acting.

What is the net worth of Pauline Jessica?

Pauline Jessica  financial information from her film contracts or bank documents. She has, nevertheless, worked on a few minor acting roles throughout her career. She undoubtedly has a net worth of 50 lakh Indian rupees. On Virugambakkam Mallika Avenue in Chennai, she was renting a flat.

Pauline Jessica, actress: who was she?

Actress Pauline Jessica worked in the Tamil cinema business. Pauline, who was 29 years old, was reportedly discovered dead in her Chennai flat. She took her own life and passed away. When officers looked inside her residence, they discovered a suicide note.

Police discovered her body hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom. According to reports, she reportedly wrote in her suicide note that she killed herself because of issues with her romantic life.

Childhood and education

The majority of actress Pauline Jessica’s life has been spent in Andhra Pradesh. Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, is where she was born and raised. Pauline Jessica continued to be well-liked under the name Deepa. She went by Powlenjessica Amaranathan in real life.

Pauline tried her hand at studies before making her acting debut. In her school exam and other extracurricular activities, she did well. Pauline received numerous accolades in both her high school and college thanks to her sharp intelligence. Speaking of her early years, she has loved acting and dancing since she was a teenager. Her parents gave her the okay to become an actress because she had a strong interest in acting.

Family background

South Indian Telugu-speaking Pauline Jessica was born and reared in this household. She practiced Hinduism because she was a Telugu girl. When she was alive, she never went above and beyond to improve her family’s standard of living.

She used the money she made from her acting jobs to help her father financially. We can be very certain that her siblings would now be wallowing in sorrow as a result of her passing. Pauline’s parents, siblings, and other family members have always cherished her greatly.

Do you know about the career in movies of Actress Pauline?

Pauline began working as an actor a few years ago.She was playing numerous brief roles in short films.She even worked as a model for numerous local ads.
She appeared in the 2017 film Thupparivalan. The renowned Tamil film Vaaitha, which was released on May 27, 2022, had her in a supporting part just before she passed away.Paadhai, a short film by Pauline Mahivarman, CS, directed this film.

As an actress,Source ;Instagram

Additional than this, no other projects Pauline agreed to before she passed away have been made public. Paadhai, one of her short films, was released in 2020. In addition to this, she has performed well in a few well-known Tamil serials. She kept her acting ventures hidden on social media because she wasn’t as active there.

Who is the Boyfriend of Jessica?

Pauline Jessica suicide letter made it quite clear that she was seeing someone who was not a member of her family. She claimed in her suicide note that her failing relationship was what ultimately caused her death.

However, she did not identify her partner by name in her suicide letter. According to investigators, they are attempting to determine if Pauline committed suicide on her own accord or was coerced into doing so.
One day before she was killed in a vehicle accident, according to certain media accounts, someone from the industry paid her a visit at home.

Pauline Jessica: 7 Interesting Facts

  • These days, there are hardly any images of Pauline online.
  • 104k people were following her on Instagram.
  • She used to frequent the gym.
  • Following the actress’s passing, a lot of people tweeted.
  • She had 589 subscribers on YouTube, where she was active.
  • She played the guitar well.
  • Her Instagram debut happened on March 30, 2019.

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