Payson Schnabel

Payson Schnabel is John Schnabel’s grandson and Parker Schnabel’s brother. Everyone is familiar with the Schnabel family from the reality TV show “Gold Rush,” who are still digging for gold. Payson has also appeared in a few episodes of the series. He appeared in the show as his grandfather’s last wish after his death. His grandfather is the focus of the entire show.

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What is the Net Worth of Payson Schnabel?

Payson Schnabel grew up with his only brother, Parker Schnabel, in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. He was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel, according to his wiki. Parker, his younger brother, is one of the most successful gold miners in the world. As of 2022 He is unquestionably wealthy, with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Payson Schnabel visits his grandfather with his brother on 19 March 2016 (Photo: Payson Schnabel’s Instagram)

He currently resides in Alaska and visits his family during his vacation. However, he keeps most of his private life behind a cloak and does not share with the outer world. He is also a social media inactive; he rarely utilizes and shares images.

Payson Schnabel is a married man with a girlfriend.

When it comes to Payson’s dating situation, there isn’t anything to say. He isn’t fond of disclosing the particulars of his secret girlfriends’ affairs. He doesn’t share his romantic side on social media, which isn’t very helpful. As a result, there may be many options. Payson could be single, or he could be happily married to his mysterious woman.

Professional Life and Career

Payson grew up in a house that was part of his father’s construction company’s laydown yard. He used to play with construction equipment as a kid and quickly learned how to utilize it. Payson eventually gained a comprehension of the building company’s work practices. Parker, on the other hand, chose to begin his career in gold mining. Payson, on the other hand, chose to continue in his father’s footsteps. He subsequently rose through the ranks of Big Nuggets Mine’s property manager.

Payson didn’t like working in the construction and mining industries at first. However, he gradually saw how the organization was assisting him in honing his management talents. Payson moved to Alaska to start his construction company not long after. In addition to his construction work, Payson appeared in the episode Road to Gold to fulfill his grandfather’s deathbed desire. The segment focused on a documentary about Payson’s grandfather and his last desire for Smith Creek Hill to mine. His net worth is a closely guarded secret. However, it is known that his employment as a construction engineer pays him an average of $73k a year.

Some Facts:

  1. Payson Schnabel is a gold miner and television personality who starred in the movie “Gold Rush: Alaska.” He was born in the Alaskan town of Haines.
  2. He is also the older brother of Parker Schnabel, a well-known gold miner. Parker is a pivotal character in the show “Gold Rush.”
  3. Payson’s date of birth has not yet been revealed. He’s kept it a secret for a long time. His younger brother is 25, so he seems to be in his late twenties.
  4. Payson was also used in two episodes of the show “Gold Rush.” For starters, he appeared in the season 3 episode “Road to Gold.”
  5. In season 4, he reappeared in one of the episodes titled “Grandpa’s Last Wish.”
  6. His presence in the fourth season was his grandfather, John Schnabel’s, last wish. John was a professional gold miner who accumulated more than 45 ounces of precious metal. Furthermore, he was an American soldier.
  7. In addition, Payson’s parents are in the spotlight. Roger Schnabel, his father, also appeared in the film “Gold Rush.” Nancy Schnabel is also his mother’s name.
  8. Moving on to his romantic life, he appears to be single for the time being. On social media, there are no photographs of him with someone else. He may not be dating anybody.
  9. In addition, he is active on social media. His Instagram and Twitter account each have over 2,000 followers. He isn’t very active, though.
  10. In terms of money, exact figures for his net worth is $5 million. It seems that he makes a lot of money, based on his family and himself.

Facts of Payson Schnabel

Name Payson Schnabel
Net Worth $5 million
Age The Late 20s
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Gold Miner
Parents Roger Schnabel, Nancy Schnabel
Siblings Parker Schnabel
Instagram @paysonschnabel
Twitter @paysonschnabel