PeteZahHutt (Brandon Clement)

PeteZahHutt is a YouTube streamer and content maker. He won several of his fans by playing Minecraft and other random games on his streams.

He’s a professional player who has the abilities and tactics to achieve the ultimate level of most titles. He also won Minecraft tournaments and won a large sum of money to win.

This isn’t what he’s renowned for. PeteZahHutt is a known producer of YouTube videos. He’s posting highlights of the game to his channel. He has also been making videos for YouTube since 2012.

However, Twitch took him to the fore as a gamer and an entertainer.

The net worth of PeteZahHutt

PeteZahHutt is an American YouTube channel with a net rating of $28,000 as of February 2021.

10 Facts of PeteZahHutt

1. PeteZahHutt is an online gamer known for streaming on Twitch. He streams his games to Twitch with an added aspect of his humor. As a consequence, he is commonly known as a live streamer of Twitch.
2. The precise height of the PeteZahHutt streamer is not traceable. He’s got a medium skin color, and he’s a little lean physical frame.
3. Twitch star PeteZahHutt is 23 years old by 2020. He was born on 14 March 1997. Its zodiac sign is known as Pisces by its date of birth.
4. In comparison, his actual name is distinct from his IGN name. Brandon Clement was born. The story behind the root of his online alias is not known.
5. Similarly, going on to his parents, he did not post much about his father or mother on the Internet.
6. This handsome game influencer has a girlfriend. He’s dating a fellow player and streamer, Pwincessly, whose real name is Kara.
7. While he is active on other social media platforms, he does not use Instagram.
8. In comparison, Twitch has won more than 300 thousand fans.
9. He also operates a YouTube channel. And it has almost 900 thousand users.
10. Besides gaming, he’s crazy about playing guitar and percussion.

Facts of PeteZahHutt (Brandon Clement)

Name PeteZahHutt (Brandon Clement)
Birthday March 14, 1997
Age 23 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer and gamer
Net Worth 330 thousand dollars
Married/Single Dating (Kara aka Pwincessly)
Twitter @ PeteZahHutt
Youtube PeteZahHutt