Puma Curry

Puma Curry, the daughter of singer Erykah Badu, has a TikTok account. So we recommend our viewers to start following her since Puma delivers fantastic stuff on the network. She amassed a sizable following on the app and worked hard to position herself as a TikTok celebrity.

Explore this Puma Curry wiki to learn more about her, including her partner and relationship status, as well as facts on her family and career.

What is the Earnings and Net Worth of Puma Curry?

As of 2020, Puma’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000. Her whole fortune has come through her involvement in the online world. Erika has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021, according to her mother. Thousands upon thousands of her albums were sold all over the world.

She also owns a home in Dallas that is worth more than $2 million in today’s market. She performed live quarantine home concerts for $1 to $5 each person in the spring of 2020. Chase Hudson, another Tik Tok performer, has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2021.

What is the Age of Puma Curry?

On July 5, 2004, Puma Curry was born. As a result, she is 17 in July of 2021. She was born under the sign of Cancer.

Eryka Badu and Puma Curry’s father, The D.O.C, appeared in a video to wish Puma Curry a happy birthday on his 15th birthday. Puma was born at home, as Eryka stated. She took numerous precautions to guarantee a safe birth, including chakras, meditation, and hiring a midwife.

“You know how I feel sister queen, I adore you,” Badu told her daughter. You’re developing into a lovely young lady.”

“I don’t worry a lot about you,” Puma’s father wrote on her 16th birthday, “since your mother is an excellent woman.”

Eryka had a “Covid Sweet 16 Party,” which her mother was a part of for a few seconds.

What is current Relationship status of Puma Curry?

Puma, the lovely young lady, is sixteen years old. Her current relationship status has been validated through an examination of her daily activities. She hasn’t been in a relationship for quite some time now. Perhaps the talented young star is too preoccupied with her amazing job to be in a relationship right now.

Image: Puma Sabti Curry partying with her friends. Source: Instagram

She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family. In her spare time, she frequently goes on outings with her siblings and friends and generates fresh content for her audience. She also assists her dad with composition and appears in several of their upcoming tracks.

Who is Curry Puma’s Father?

  • Before deciding to pursue a solo career, Puma Curry’s father, The D.O.C., was a member of Fila Fresh Crew, a rap group from Dallas, Texas. He was also recognized for his collaborations with N.W.A., and Dr. Dre of the legendary rap group from the west coast produced two of his albums.
  • Tracy Lynn Curry is a fictional character. From 2002 to 2003, the D.O.C. dated famed vocalist Eryka Badu. Despite the fact that their love life was never meant to be, their daughter Puma Sabti Curry was born as a result of their relationship. Despite their separation, it appeared that they remained friends and agreed to co-parent their children.
  • The D.O.C. dated Shannon Hendricks before Eryka. Puma’s half-sister from her father’s side, Amber Lynn Curry (born March 25, 1991), was born out of that connection.
  • From her mother’s previous relationships, Puma has two half-siblings. Eryka has a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin with famed Southern rapper Andre 3000 before joining The D.O.C. (Born 18 November 1997). She dated rapper Jay Electronica after The D.O.C, with whom she had a daughter named Mars Merkaba Thedford.
  • The three half-siblings were all close in age and had a 6-year age difference. More about siblings later. Seven got admitted into four colleges, where he planned to study psychology, arts, and science.

Height and Weight

Puma Curry inherited not only her mother’s musical talent, but also her physical looks. Puma is Eyrka’s doppelgänger. Eryka Badu tweeted on November 2, 2020, that she admired her daughter’s talent. “Puma snatched my entire face,” she continued. However, what an improvement in terms of design. “Are you sure?”

Puma Curry is also rather tall, standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). She grew up to be a lovely young lady weighing around 48 kg (105 lbs).

Puma Curry’s TikTok and Instagram accounts

Puma only appears to be on two social media networks as of April 2021. She’s taking over Instagram, with 74.4k followers, and she’s only getting bigger as her fame and recognition grows. She made a total of 24 posts.

Puma also became well-known as a result of her TikTok videos. Her lip-syncs, dances, and personal singing received 7.7 million likes from her 390.6k followers on the platform.

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 5,2004
Full Name Puma Sabti Curry
Birth Name Puma Sabti Curry
Profession TikTok star
Nationality American
Birth City Texas
Birth Country USA
Father Name The D.O.C
Father Profession Rapper
Mother Name Erykah Badu
Mother Profession Singer
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Single
Networth 200000
Insta Link Insta Link