Quinn Tivey

Quick Facts

The parents of Quinn Tivey are Liza Todd and Hap Todd. As the representative of family AIDS charity, he is continuing the tradition of his famous British-American actress Grandmother Elizabeth Taylor and Oscar winner Grandfather Mike Todd. Like his late Grandmother, Quinn also had an impression on the entertainment sector.

What is the Net worth of Quinn Tivey?

As of the beginning of 2022, Quinn Tivey ‘s net worth is reportedly $600.000. He has been serving as a co-trustee of his grandmother Elizabeth Taylor’s foundation and estate since 2016. He participates actively in initiatives that both promote and protect Taylor’s life and legacy.

Quinn Tivey
Quinn Tivey The Grandson of Elizabeth Taylor

Not to mention that Tivey is a renowned producer of movies and television shows who is responsible for shows like The Company Men, Shameless, and A Special Relationship. He once had a job at The Quarry, a steakhouse in the Hudson Valley. Elizabeth, a great movie star who passed away, had an estimated net worth of $600,000,000, on the other hand. In the 1950s and 1960s, she was one of Hollywood’s most well-liked stars.

Early Life and Education

The first child of artist Hap Todd and animal lover Liza Todd, Quinn Tivey was born in 1986. During his teen years, he worked as a bus boy and server at Hudson Valley Steak House. According to him, he was only doing it to investigate and intimately sense the outside world.

He also attended the University of South California, where the School of Visual Arts is where he earned his MFA. Rhys Tivey, who was born five years after Quinn Tivey, is his younger sibling. Both Quinn and Rhys are currently talented artists, with Rhys having made a name for himself as a jazz musician in New York.

What is the Professional Career of Quinn Tivey?

Quinn Tivey was raised in a famous celebrity family. His grandpa was a Hollywood actor who won awards, and his grandmother Elizabeth was a well-known classical actress in the 1950s. Being the son of such well-known Hollywood figures, Quinn caught the acting bug. In a variety of movies, including “What’s Your Number?” “The Company Men” and “A Special Relationship,” he has displayed his acting prowess.

Quinn Tivey and Grandmom Elizabeth taylor
Quinn Tivey and Grandmom Elizabeth Taylor Image Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Ambassador of Elizabeth AIDS Foundation

After the legendary Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011, her four children and ten grandchildren assumed responsibility for continuing the legacy she left for them. Her children and grandchildren share the same sentiment and disposition toward giving assistance to others.

Quinn Tivey serves as one of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation’s ambassadors. The foundation was founded in 1991. Helping HIV/AIDS patients was and remains the foundation’s primary objective. The foundation also aims to raise awareness of HIV-related prejudice in society. Quinn serves as a co-trustee of the House of Taylor, generally known as the Elizabeth Taylor Trust and Estate.

How is the Personal Life of Quinn Tivey?

The 34-year-old Tivey doesn’t appear to be in a relationship of any kind. This may be the result of his preference for pursuing his job over dating. It is only our view, though, as he could also be single for personal reasons.


There is an internet-wide notion that at the age of 34, the person has not committed with anybody. Quinn Tivey is rumored to be gay because of the suspicions of his admirers and well-wishers. Also, Quinn hasn’t responded or said anything about this subject, though.

Quinn Tivey
Quinn Tivey Violet Eyes just Like Grandmom Elizabeth Taylor Image Source: zimbio.com

Social Media and Body Stats

Elizabeth Taylor’s dashing grandson doesn’t seem to be very active on social networking platforms. He does not have an Instagram account under his name, but he does have one on Twitter. On his Twitter account @QuinnTivey, Quinn Tivey has 244 followings and about 1K followers.

Like his grandmother Elizabeth, Quinn Tivey has a stunning pair of violet eyes. Numerous young, beautiful women are drawn to him by his attractive eyes and dashing demeanor. However, there is no information on his weight or height, but it is believed that he may be 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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