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How would you have felt if you had been born as the only child of a billionaire? To push for a solution, ask Reed Jobs, the only son of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.’s late chairman, chief military officer (CEO), and co-founder.

Reed is the only child of self-made billionaire Steve Jobs and his wife, Lauren Powell Jobs. Reed is currently enrolled in the first semester of his studies at Stanford University. Continue reading the article to learn more about Reed. Keep an eye out for updates.

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Lauren Powell’s net worth and home

Lauren Powell Jobs, Reed’s mother, is currently in charge of the billions of dollars that Steve left to his family. Lauren, his mother, inherited billions of dollars in Apple and Disney stock from her late husband. In 2017, she paid more than $1.1 billion for a minority stake in the parent company of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals. She has invested in a number of media outlets, including a majority stake in The Atlantic magazine, as well as every issue of California Sunday and Popup Magazine.

Furthermore, Reed’s mother established the Emerson Collective Foundation in 2016 for $1.2 billion, with Disney owning the majority of the inspiration. His family lives in a $35 million Palo Alto 5,768-square-foot house on a half-acre lot with 7 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Reed is, without a doubt, living a lavish lifestyle.

Life in the Family

Reed Paul Jobs was born in California on September 22, 1991, as the only son of father Steve Jobs and mother Lauren Powell Jobs. His father was a business tycoon, industrial designer, investor, and media mogul. Similarly, his mother, Lauren, may be a businesswoman, executive, and Emerson Collective’s founding father. She is active in philanthropic endeavors and advocates for policies relating to education and immigration reform, social justice, and environmental conservation. Reed was named after his father, Steve, who went to Reed College for a semester. Reed Paul Jobs is 28 years old at the moment.

Reed grew up in California with his siblings Eve Jobs and Erin Jobs, as well as his half-sister Lisa Brennan Jobs. Eve, his sister, is in her final year at Stanford University. Reed also went to Stanford, where he studied cancer. After his father died of a similar disease, he decided to try to research the deadly diseases. He recently received his medical degree.

Personal Existence

As of 2019, Reed Jobs is most likely single. He is not active on any social media platform, making it difficult to learn about his relationship status. Reed is currently completely focused on his studies, with no rumors of him dating anyone.

Reed was always a shy child who had the impression of his mother, according to his father’s interview with Issac, the author of Steve’s book after his death. Reed aspires to be as successful in his field as his father. However, there is little doubt that Reed will catch the attention of beautiful and intelligent women in the near future.

Life’s Journey

Reed Jobs is currently pursuing his studies and is not engaged in any type of work, so there is no precise information about his net worth. However, there is little doubt that he is a billionaire because his only son is Steve Jobs. Reed is a billionaire who studies medicine at Stanford University and lives a traditional life similar to his father.

How wealthy is he?

Steve Jobs’ estimated net worth at the time of his father’s death in 2011 was $10.2 billion. The money was delivered to his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, who stated that it would not be passed on to the children because she wanted them to forge their own paths. Laurene’s net worth is estimated to be $18.8 billion as of 2020.

Reed Jobs
Reed Jobs(source: Reed College)

Salary based on net worth

$10.2 billion Under Consideration

Reed Jobs is the brother of Eve Jobs and Erin Siena Jobs, both of whom are equestrian champions.

We can safely assume Reed will not go hungry, and only time will tell what happens when his mother dies. Perhaps he could then afford to buy a luxury yacht or a private jet.

The truth

  • Reed Paul Jobs (born September 22, 1991) is the son of Apple founder Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. He was born into one of the wealthiest families in the United States.
  • Reed, on the other hand, does not have a Wikipedia page.
  • When it comes to wealth, his family’s net worth is well over $30 billion. According to Forbes, their family is ranked 40th among billionaire families worldwide.
  • Reed is a formalized paraphrase. Paul Jobs is currently 28 years old. He is currently enrolled at Stanford University.
  • Furthermore, he is the family’s only son. His siblings are all sisters (Eve, Lisa Brennan, and Erin Siena Jobs).
  • Meanwhile, Jobs has not been seen with anyone who will be noticed by his girlfriend or boyfriend. He hasn’t spoken about his sexuality either.
  • Reed, despite coming from a wealthy family, is not looking for quick fame. He works hard and needs to establish his own reputation.
  • As a result, he’s very docile on social media. So far, he is not present on any social networking sites. He appears to be completely focused on his studies and goals.
  • Reed has also been evasive about his height, weight, and body measurements. In the same way, he hardly clicks photos and enters the media. As a result, guessing his physical morphology is also difficult.
  • Following his father’s death from carcinoma. Reed has worked diligently and determinedly in the field of drugs dealing with tumor treatment known as Oncology.

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Reed Jobs
Reed Jobs(source: Allstarbio)

Quick facts:

Birth Date: September 22, 1991

Birth Place: California

Country: USA

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Horoscope: Virgo

Eye Color: Light Brown Eyes

Ethnicity: White

Father Name: Steve Jobs,

Mother Name: Lauren Powell Jobs


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