Reese LeRoy

Reese LeRoy is an American YouTuber who rose to fame thanks to The LeRoy’s, her family’s YouTube channel. Reese LeRoy is one of four siblings featured in her parents’ Cory and Shanna LeRoy’s family-oriented vlogs.

What is the net worth of Reese LeRoy?


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Reese LeRoy, a young YouTube star, has amassed a substantial wealth as a result of her contributions to the social media realm. Her appearance on the family channel has meant a lot to the channel, even if she hasn’t earned anything herself. As of September 2021, the LeRoys, an American family YouTube channel, have a net worth of $1 million.

What is Reese LeRoy’s age?

Reese LeRoy is an 12-year-old girl. She was born in Utah, United States, on September 21, 2009. Cory LeRoy is her father’s name, and Shanna LeRoy is her mother’s name. Her mother is a photographer, cosmologist, and fitness trainer, and her father works for SkyWest Airlines as a pilot. He also works at Utah Valley University as an advanced flight teacher, where he has been since 2008. She had three siblings, two sisters and a brother, when she was growing up. Rhett LeRoy is her brother’s name, and Perri and Kesley LeRoy are her sisters’ names. Similarly, she had a younger brother named Logan, who was born in 2006 but died from heart illness eight months later. Reese is the family’s third child and the family’s second daughter. She is a fifth-grade middle school student in terms of her educational background. In the same way, Reese is an American citizen.

Is Reese LeRoy dating anyone?

Reese LeRoy, who is only 11 years old, believes she is not in a relationship. She’s just in her twenties and has never been in a romantic relationship. Her charisma, on the other hand, has endeared her to a large number of fans. On a more personal level, she grew up with her siblings in Herriman, Utah. Bailey, a dog owned by the LeRoys, has his own Instagram account. Evelin Bennett, a YouTuber, is one of her closest friends. Reese is also far too young to be involved in heated issues. She has a positive image profile on social media platforms to date. Reese hasn’t let her personal or social media image be harmed by scandals.

Reese LeRoy’s height


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Reese LeRoy is beautiful and charming. The gifted 11-year-old has lovely greyish blue eyes and blonde hair. There’s also no information on Reese’s height, weight, or other bodily measurements.

Reese LeRoy’s professional path

  • Reese LeRoy is a popular YouTuber who rose to fame because to her family’s channel, The LeRoy’s.
  • Her social media career began in 2016, however her mother launched the YouTube channel “Ms Shanbanan” on June 29, 2010. It wasn’t until 2016 that she started uploading videos to her YouTube page.
  • Reese’s mother rebranded the channel “Raising Mom” in 2016 and started posting family videos. “Meet the LeRoys” is the title of their debut video. The video was uploaded on January 14, 2016.
  • Her mother speaks to the audience in the film, introducing the entire family and even mentioning Logan, her kid who died in 2006.
  • The second video, which introduced her father, Cory, who is shown making breakfast for the family, was subsequently shared by the channel.
  • Her mother even tells the audience about an app they use that gives the kids points for doing duties around the house. Her family channel comprises Perri, Kesley, and Rhett, as well as her father, mother, and three siblings. The YouTube channel was later renamed “The LeRoys.”
  • Challenges, makeup videos, vlogs, creativity, Q&As, reviews, and a variety of other fun content dominated their family channel. ‘Kesley’s Getting BRACES’ is one of their most popular videos.
  • Her elder sister is seen in the video below getting her braces removed at the dentist. Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial is the next well-known video in which she appears, and it was released on January 20, 2017.
  • The family channel now has approximately 373 million cumulative views and over 1.47 million subscribers.
  • Other notable videos in which she has appeared include ‘Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial | Perri And Her Best Friend!,’ ‘Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial | Perri And Her Best Friend!,’ and ‘Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial | Perri And Her Best ‘What’s in My Backpack | Reese and Perri,’ says Reese and Perri. ‘We Have An Addiction | Reese and Perri Get a Big Surprise,’ says the cast of ‘We Have An Addiction.’ ‘I Messed Up on Her Birthday | The LeRoys,’ says one of the LeRoys. ‘The Cutest 5-Year-Old Morning Routine!’ and ‘The Cutest 5-Year-Old Morning Routine

Quick Facts about Reese LeRoy

Full Name: Reese LeRoy
Age: 12 years
Birthday: 21 Sep
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Virgo
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $1million
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTuber, Social media personality
Sibling: (Three) Kesley, Rhett, and, Perri.
Father: Cory LeRoy
Mother: Shanna LeRoy