Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran is a former professional boxer from Panama. He was a four-weight world champion as a boxer during his professional career, having held titles at lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight.

He has a dominant career and an equally successful married life, earning him the nickname ‘Manos de Piedra’ or ‘Hands of Stone.’ He has also found financial success in his career, with a net worth of $3 million.

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Roberto Duran’s Net Worth in 2020

Roberto Duran, During his professional boxing career, Roberto Duran was a dominant boxer who held titles in different divisions at different times. His previous success has aided him in establishing a large financial success for himself. His estimated net worth is  to be $3 million at the moment.

The boxer may have outlived his era, but his legacy has enabled him to live a comfortable life without having to worry about money. According to the source, he blew through more than $20 million on a lavish lifestyle during the peak of his career. Furthermore, according to some sources, he made a fortune of $30 million but spent $20 million of it.

Roberto Duran
Caption: Roberto Duran (source: Pinterest)

Roberto Duran’s Personal Life

During the early stages of his career, Roberto married his long-term girlfriend Mia Felicidad Duran. Irichelle Durán, Giovana Durán, Roberto Durán, Victor Durán, Dalia Durán, and Robin Durán are his six children from his marriage.

Aside from the children from his previous relationships, he is also said to have another child. He reportedly has a daughter named Dalia from a previous relationship with Silvia before meeting his wife.

Roberto Duran
Caption: Roberto Duran’s wife (source: Pinterest)

Roberto Duran’s Childhood

Roberto Duran Samaniego was born in Guarare, Panama, on June 16, 1952. He is the son of Clara Samaneigo, a Guarare native, and Margarito Duran Sanchez, an Arizona native. He started boxing when he was eight years old and was already sparring with experienced boxers at the Neco de La Guardia gymnasium.

Roberto Duran’s Professional Career

At the age of 16, Roberto Duran began boxing professionally in the lightweight division. He started his career with 31 straight victories. In June 1972, he defeated Ken Buchanan in a controversial decision to become the WBA Lightweight Champion.

Duran successfully defended his title against fighters like Jimmy Robertson, Hector Thompson, and Guts Ishimatsu. He was able to successfully defend his title twelve times. During his lightweight division career, he had a 62-1 record, with his only loss coming in a non-title bout to Esteban De Jesus. Duran relinquished his undisputed Lightweight Championship in February 1979 and moved up to the Welterweight division.

Roberto Duran’s transition to the Welterweight division began well, with victories over former WBC Welterweight Champion Carlos Palomino and Zeferino Gonzales. His unbeaten record set the stage for a title fight against then-unbeaten WBC Welterweight Champion Sugar Ray Leonard, which he won by a 15-round unanimous decision. However, in the rematch, Leonard used his footwork and movement to defeat Duran.

Duran gained weight after his loss to Leonard and moved up to the Light Middleweight division. He won non-title fights against Nino Gonzalez and Luigi Michelle before being given a shot at the WBC Light Middleweight title. In the title fight, he defeated by Wilfred Benitez via a 15-round unanimous decision. He defeated former world champion Pipino Cuevas. The victory earned him a rematch against WBA Champion Davey Moore for the light middleweight title.


won his third title by defeating Davey Moore at Madison Square Garden

On June 16, 1983, Roberto Duran won his third title by defeating Davey Moore at Madison Square Garden. In November 1983, he faced Marvelous Marvin Hagler for the World Middleweight Championship. The fight lasted fifteen rounds, but he lost with his hand broken. The round was won unanimously by Hagler.

Duran lost his Light Middleweight title to WBC Champion Thomas Hearns in 1984. He had to wait a long time to get another shot at a title fight, which came only in 1989. In February 1989, he defeated Iran Barkley for the WBC Middleweight title, which he won. It was his fourth title, and he won it at the age of 37. Shortly after his victory, he was promoted to Super-middleweight.

Duran won the NBA Super Middleweight Championship in June 2000, defeating Pat Lawlor. His reign as champion lasted only a year, as Hector Camacho won the title in a rematch a year later. In 2001, Roberto Duran announced his retirement from boxing.


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