Robin Li Net Worth – $13 Billion

What is Robin Li’s net worth?

The Net Worth of Robin Li as of October 2022 is $13 billion.

Net Worth:

$13 Billion




November 17, 1968




1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth:

Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist

Last Updated:

October 21, 2022

Who is Robin Li? What is his Profession and Nationality?

Robin Li is a Chinese computer scientist and internet entrepreneur.

One of the wealthiest persons in China, Li is the co-founder of the search engine Baidu.

At Peking University, he studied information management, and in the State University of New York at Buffalo, he studied computer science. He and Eric Xu created Baidu in the year 2000.

Robin Li’s net worth is predicted to be around $13 billion as of October 2022.

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How was the early life of Robin Li? Where did he study?

In Shanxi Province, China, on November 17, 1968, Robin Li was born.

Li grew up primarily in the Shanxi Province. His parents both worked in factories.

Li was the only male and the fourth of five kids.

He enrolled at Peking University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in information management. Li enrolled at the State University of New York’s University at Buffalo in the fall of 1991 to pursue a doctorate in computer science.

Professional Career and Job of Robin Li

In 1994, Li joined Dow Jones and Company’s IDD Information Services, a New Jersey-based business, where he worked on creating a piece of software for The Wall Street Journal’s online publication. He also focused on enhancing search engine algorithms.

From May 1994 through June 1997, he stayed employed with IDD Information Services. Li created the Rankdex site-scoring system for search engine page ranking in 1996 while working at IDD, and it was given a U.S. patent.

From July 1997 through December 1999, Li worked as a staff engineer for Infoseek, one of the first internet search engine companies.

Since establishing Baidu in January 2000, Li has grown the business into the biggest search engine in China, with over 80% of the market share. In 2005, Baidu completed its initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ, and in 2007, it became the first Chinese firm to be indexed in the NASDAQ-100.

Robin Li’s net worth is predicted to be around $13 billion as of October 2022.

Robin Li’s Career Highlights

Here are some of Robin Li’s most notable career high points:

  • Li is the co-founder of Baidu
  • He is a member of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  • Chinese Top Ten Innovative Pioneers (2001)

What are the famous quotes by Robin Li?

“People can get information – on entertainment, politics, finance – much easier than before. That will change the way people do business, the way people live.”  – Robin Li 

“In the early days, I felt the pain of not being able to find information easily. I guess that helped me to develop an urge to write things like a search engine.” -Robin Li 

“In the beginning, I thought the mobile search was not much different from Web search. It’s just a smaller screen, a slower speed; it’s all the bad things. When I thought about the mobile Internet, it’s all the disadvantages.” – Robin Li 

“If you are a big company, a big website, and lots of users come to your website, you will have attacks, and you have to deal with that. It just cannot be a reason to take action to exit certain markets.” – Robin Li 

“Sooner or later, you will see a China-based company that has a global impact, and I think Baidu has a chance to become one of those companies. We should be able to compete on a global basis.” – Robin Li 

“The Chinese government still would like to see U.S. Internet companies explore the Chinese market, providing they are willing to abide by Chinese law. I think companies like Facebook should think about the Chinese market.” – Robin Li 

3 Advice From Robin Li About Life

After learning everything there is to know about Robin Li’s wealth and career, let’s look at some of the things we can all learn from him.

1. Process

Believe in the procedure.

2. Focus

Pay attention to where investing your time and effort has the largest impact. This typically entails doing only those things that provide sizable revenue if you’re running a firm.

3. Have no fear of criticism

Successful people are aware of and agree with this. Therefore, you cannot avoid criticism unless you want to disappear.

Questions and Answers

What is Robin Li’s net worth?

According to estimates, Robin Li is worth $13 billion.

What is Robin Li’s age?

The current age of Robin Li, who was born on November 17, 1968, is 53.

What is Robin Li’s height?

The height of Robin Li is 1.75 m, or 5 ft 9 in.


Chinese entrepreneur Robin Li used his algorithm to develop the Baidu search engine. Currently, Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and the third-largest independent search engine globally.

As the first Chinese business to join the NASDAQ-100, Baidu will go down in history, and Mr. Li has been highlighted in numerous publications.

Robin Li’s estimated net worth as of October 2022 is $13 billion.