Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley is most known as the son of reggae superstar Bob Marley, but he has also earned a reputation for himself through his football career and business acumen. His dating status, net worth, and early life are all detailed below.

What is the Net worth of Rohan Marley?

He promoted for House of Marley Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2012, which offers a line of environmentally friendly headphones designed in conjunction with the Marley Family. The now 49-year-old has amassed a sizable wealth as a result of his illustrious career. He has a net worth of $20 million, according to celebrity net worth.

Rohan Marley Relationship Status:

Rohan Marley’s love life has been fascinating. He’s been married twice, engaged once, and has five children from a single significant relationship. Geraldine Khawly was his first wife, whom he married in 1993. When he married Geraldine, he was still in his sophomore year of college. Eden (b. 1994) and Nico (b. 1995) are their children (b. 1995).

Rohan Marley at Brazil Fashion Forum. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Nico Marley, Rohan’s eldest son, is a former American football linebacker. He played collegiate football at Tulane University before being signed as an undrafted free agent by the Washington Redskins. In 1996, Rohan and Geraldine divorced. Following his divorce, he had a romantic relationship with Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill is a singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actress from the United States.

They began dating in 1996 and had five children together over their 13-year relationship: Zion David (b. 1997), model Selah Louise (b. 1998), Joshua Omaru (b. 2001), John Nesta (b. 2002), and Sarah (b. 2008). Although the two never married, Hill referred to Marley as her husband on occasion. For the most of their relationship, they were apart.

In 2009, Marley and Hill divorced. He was briefly engaged to Isabeli Fontana after that, but the relationship terminated in early 2013. He is married to Barbara Fialho at the moment. Barbara is a model and vocalist from Brazil. In the year 2019, the couple married. Fialho gave birth to their first child, Maria Cedella Marley, on August 1, 2019.


Rohan Marley is a former football player and entrepreneur. He began playing football in college and was a linebacker for the University of Miami, a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In 1995, he played professional football for the now-defunct Ottawa Rough Riders in the Canadian Football League.

Marley Coffee is currently chaired by the former football player. Marley Coffee, an organic coffee plantation and sustainable farming firm in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, was co-founded by him in 2009, albeit the majority of the coffee sourced through Marley Coffee comes from Ethiopia. Under the name Jammin Java Corp., Marley Coffee went public in 2011. He’s also appeared in the visuals for a couple of tracks, including ‘To Zion’ and ‘Selah.’

Gisges, a mobile app that allows users, businesses, and merchants to surprise and excite people by sending them intriguing messages mixed with delectable delicacies spotted at bars, cafes, and restaurants, was founded by the Jamaican-born. He has also appeared in films such as ‘One Cup of Coffee,’ ‘Motherland,’ and ‘Africa Roadtrip.’

Rohan Marley Early Life:

Rohan Anthony Marley, better known as Rohan Marley, was born on May 19, 1972. Bob Marley and Janet Hunt raised him in Kingston, Jamaica. When he was twelve years old, his family relocated from Jamaica to the United States. He didn’t live with his mother until he was far into his adulthood. He shared a home with his father and Rita, his stepmother. He moved in with his mother after his father died of cancer.

Sharon and Cedella, the entrepreneur’s two sisters, and Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Ky-Mani, and Damian, the entrepreneur’s five brothers. He went to Palmetto Senior High School in Miami. He continued his education at the University of Miami, where he studied sociology. He earned a name for himself as a linebacker for the University of Miami’s football team, the Hurricanes. He went on to play professional football in the Canadian Football League as a result of this.

Facts of Rohan Anthony Marley

Full Name Rohan Anthony Marley
Nationality Jamaican-American
Date of Birth 1972/5/19
Birth Country Jamaica
Birth Place Kingston
Horoscope Taurus
Father Name Bob Marley
Mother Name Janet Hunt