Romana Didulo

Romana Didulo Biography, Age, Birthday & Childhood

Real Name Romana Didulo.
Occupation Conspirator, Activist, Leader, Media Face, and Entrepreneur.
Age (as of 2021) B/W 55-60 Years Old.
Birthdate B/W 1962-1967.
Birthplace The Philippines.
Current Residence Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Zodiac Sign Will Update.
Net Worth USD 1 million (approx.)
Qualification Graduate.
Alma mater Local High School.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Nationality Canadian.
Religion Christian.

She is a Canadian businesswoman, activist, leader, and conspirator. Romana hails from the Philippines, according to the reports. Romana is a Canadian conspirator with ties to the QAnon movement, according to Wikipedia. When this woman declares herself to be the Queen of Canada, she makes news in the media. Didulo has also participated in numerous demonstrations.

What is the Romana Didulo’s net worth?

Romana Didulo  is claiming to be the Queen of Canada. She currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia. We were unable to identify her precise source of money, though. She is also leading a typical life in Canada. She is thought to be worth about $1 million (approx.).


Who is “Queen of Canada” Romana Didulo?

Romana is a Canadian leader, activist, and conspirator, according to the claims. Didulo accedes to the title of “Queen of Canada.” In addition to this, she has taken part in demonstrations. Didulo believes she is in this position because QAnon members have claimed she is the head of the “Great White North,” according to her Wikipedia page. She has a sizable fan base.

She also urged her supporters to file bogus formal notifications against pharmacies, “police stations,” and “health care providers” in an effort to get them to cease battling the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada. Three Romana Didulo supporters allegedly faced charges after attempting to ‘arrest’ Peterborough police in August 2022, according to Global News.

Childhood and education

Romana was born in the Philippines, claims Wikipedia. Her precise birthdate is not known, though. Didulo is believed to be between 55 and 60 years old (as of 2022).

Romana emigrated to Canada as a young child. She grew up in Canada. Her sources claim that she is a Christian. Didulo finished secondary school at a nearby institution. She then started acting like a leader.

Romana Didulo’s family

Romana withholds all information concerning her relatives. She has a mixed ethnic background of Asian descent, according to the allegations. Her faith is in Christ. Her parents’ and siblings’ names and occupations are unknown.

Didulo’s mother is a housewife and her father is reportedly an entrepreneur. Her early years were spent in Canada. The precise information pertaining to her family will be updated by our team very soon.

Relationship status

The specifics of Romana’s personal life are not properly documented. Didulo is reportedly not dating anyone (as of August 2022). We were unable to locate any information regarding her marital status, though.

Perhaps she is single. She also mostly concentrates on her career. On social media, she has also shared several images with her followers. We’ll update this page as soon as we have any new information regarding her love life.

Do you know about the Career of Didulo?

Didulo is a leader, activist, and conspirator, according to the reports. Following her assertion that she was the Queen of Canada, Romana finds herself in the news. Didulo, who claimed to be the Queen of Canada, famously proclaimed Victoria, where she resides, as the nation’s new capital, according to Wikipedia. She participates in the QAnon movement. She is a component of conspiracy theory as well.

Romana as an activist,Source ;Instagram

She reportedly ruled that anyone who disparaged herself or her royal title would face a 30-year prison sentence. She gained notoriety due to her objection to the Covid-19 immunization. Romana also calls for physical harm to be done to medical professionals who provide vaccines. According to the claims, Didulo encourages her supporters to harm medical professionals in 2021 who give individuals the Covid-19 vaccine.

She reportedly advocated killing political figures who promote immunization. According to Wikipedia, Didulo is subjected to a psychological examination following his arrest by RCMMP officers in November 2021. She is active on social media platforms as well. She has also taken part in numerous demonstrations.

Romana Didulo: 4 Informational Pieces

  • She performs the role of a leader as well.
  • Didulo also attracted a sizable following.
  • Romana is featured in numerous videos on The Official Kingdom of Canada Channel (Youtube channel).
  • Philippines-born Romana is originally from there.
  • More than 6.05K people subscribe to this channel (as of August 2022).

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