Ross Lord

Given the stress and responsibilities that come with being a journalist, it isn’t for everyone. Ross Lord is someone who, despite all the difficulties and difficulties, makes the task at hand appear to be a piece of cake. Without adding that he is the Senior Digital Broadcast Journalist and the Halifax-based Atlantic correspondent for Global National, his introduction would be lacking. So, today we’ll give you a close-up look at Ross Lord’s personal life, profession, and net worth.

How much  is the net worth of Ross Lord?

Ross Lord’s employment as a digital broadcast journalist for television means he doesn’t need to worry about money. In particular, as of July 2020, he had an astounding net worth of $1 million. With such a sizable money account, Lord can afford to live a luxury lifestyle surrounded by all kinds of contemporary conveniences.

Ross Lord reportedly makes roughly $43,640 per year, which also happens to be the average pay for a reporter or correspondent, according to the BLS. However, the captivating television personality was never driven by money; rather, it was the desire to serve others that kept him going.

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Ross Lord’s Journalism Career

In actuality, he first worked with the network in 1984, when he first entered the media industry. Prior to moving on to cover court and legislature for MITV in Nova Scotia, he spent the first six years of his career working in radio news and sports.

Ross Lord joined the Global News in 1998. Source: Global News

He had a breakthrough in 1998 when he signed with Global National. Since then, he has reported on exciting stories in all four provinces along the East Coast, such as floods, fires, and snowstorms. In addition, he traveled in military helicopters and submarines, as well as to a number of coal mines.

In addition, Ross Lord covered the 60th anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy landing, the Canadian effort in Afghanistan, and the terrible disaster in Haiti.


Low-profile Personal Life of Ross Lord

Ross Lord’s personal life is completely private, despite the fact that he continues to be very outspoken about his professional achievements. Therefore, it is impossible to tell if he is single, dating, or wed.

Ross Lord initially worked in the radio for six years. Source: Muck Rack

His job satisfies his urge to travel as a hobby because he covers a variety of tales. Despite technological advances and fierce competition, he continues to write the best stories.

When Lord brings attention to a number of Canadian issues, he feels accomplished. He has been with the Global network for more than two decades and has remained a dedicated employee.