Sam Thapaliya

Quick Facts

 Full Name: Sam Thapaliya
Birth Place: Nepal
Ethnicity: South-Asian
Nationality: Nepalese
Profession: Nepalese entrepreneur
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Sam Thapaliya is a businessman from Nepal. He is a computer genius from Nepal who built the lucrative company Zebec.

How much is the Net worth of Sam Thapaliya?

The media is not aware of Sam Thapaliya ‘s salary or net worth. In any case, he may make a lot of money in the future as the founder of Zebec because his prospects appear promising.

Sam Thapaliya Wiki, Nepali National Who Founded A Multi Million Company Zebec in America! – Married Biography
Sam is a Nepali Entrepreneur. Via Married Biography

Early Years and Education

Sam Thapaliya, also known as Sambhav Thapaliya, is said to be 23 years old as of 2022. His nationality is South Asian, and he is a citizen of Nepal. The entrepreneur revealed in a podcast that his parents are uneducated and that he comes from a middle-class background. He revealed that he utilized a computer for the first time in sixth grade. His parents, siblings, and academic background are still unknown. He had, however, returned to the USA five years prior to complete his A Level in Nepal and continue his study there.

What is the Professional Career of Sam Thapaliya?

Sam Thapaliya, a Nepali child, is establishing a name for himself as the globe moves toward developing the technology field. One of the creators of Zebec, a ground-breaking Defi technology that helps to provide real-time, easy-flowing, and regular streams of payments, is Sam, whose full name is Sambhav. Zebec assists businesses with cryptocurrency payments by using a decentralized financial system called Zebec Protocol.

People find it fascinating that a young man who recently went to the US for higher education was able to expand Zebec into a $90 million firm in just one year. For a while now, Sam has been working on blockchain technology in the US. His third successful company venture in the Fintech sector is Zebec.

The motive behind creating Zebec

The young man succeeded in his goal of developing a new generation of payroll and payment systems. Zebec is unavailable in Nepal since cryptocurrency is not permitted there. Sambhav is as modest as he can be despite his accomplishment at such a young age and gives all the credit for the company’s success to his employees. He promised to provide Nepalis the assistance and respect they merit.

Body Stats and Social Media

The founder of Zebec’s physical characteristics, such as his height and weight, are currently being examined. His physical features include a brown skin, a set of black eyes, and hair that is also the same color.

Nepali Tech Wiz Sam Thapaliya, Who Founded Multi-Million Zebec Inc
Nepali Tech Wiz Sam Thapaliya, Who Founded Multi-Million Zebec Inc. Via NEPWAVE

His name is attached to a Twitter fan account that has 51.8K followers. In addition, his interview was captured on other podcast videos. He has acknowledged that he is not active on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, in addition to Twitter.

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