Santia Deck Net worth, Age, Height, Wiki!

What is the Net Worth of Santia Deck?

Real Name:      

Santia Deck

Date of birth:

November 19, 1991


30 years old


6 feet 1 in


Greenville, South Carolina, United States




Football player and fitness trainer



 Net Worth:

$2 Million

Famous American athlete Santia Deck rose to prominence after agreeing to contracts with the Atlanta Harlequins, Stars Rugby 7s, and the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union. Deck was also requested to test out for the 2020 Summer Olympics’ USA women’s rugby sevens team. However, it was impossible because she was hurt.

In December 2019, Deck became the first woman to sign a full-tackle football contract with a professional league. Deck is well-known for her sporting career, but she is also an author, fitness model, TV personality, social media consultant, public speaker, and TV host. Online, some refer to her as the “queen of abs.” She has additionally made appearances in a few programs, such as Blind Date and Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch.

What is the Net Worth of Santia Deck?

Santia is extremely wealthy, with a six-figure net worth. She got a lucrative contract with the Los Angeles Fames for the WFLA at the beginning of December 2022. She then signed the first football contract for more than $1 million as a woman. Although the details of the deal have not been made public, we may assume that she has a net worth of at least $2 million.

Deck is a multi-talented someone with numerous sources of revenue. In 2013, she introduced the “The Queen of Abs” brand, which stands for her own, online training regimen that emphasizes the core. She also runs other businesses and is a businesswoman.

Santia is connected to the apparel business Where The Trendsetters Reside, according to her Instagram bio. Tronus Official is a different apparel brand that Santia owns. As a social media personality, she might make a sizable sum of money via brand endorsement. The athlete is marketing certain companies on her Instagram account, as we can see. Like Sergi Constance, Santia loves living a luxurious life.

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Relationship status

Santia Deck and Isaac Barnes have gotten engaged. The couple began dating in October 2022, eight years after they first met in February 2022. Santia initially kept her romantic relationships a secret since she didn’t want the world to know about them. Later, she started sharing Instagram photos of herself and her partner.

Santia has also sent her prospective spouse some lovely messages. She published a video with a lengthy description on October 20, 2022. Santia boasted about her lover and expressed her pride in having him. She is also pleased with her accomplishments because Isaac was awarded a $13.4 billion defense contract with the US Air Force and US Space Force.

Deck has been posting frequently about her romantic life since then. The couple considered moving further in their relationship after several months of dating. She informed her fiancee of her engagement on October 3, 2022. We could see the couple in a football stadium in a video that she released. Santia accepted Isaac’s ground-level proposal and he proposed to her.

Additionally, Santia posted a lengthy caption on Instagram to share the couple’s engagement news with the world. At the same moment, their engagement video, which is still accessible on her Instagram, became viral on social media. As Santia once posted a video opening about her readiness to be a good wife, the couple appears to be arranging their wedding.

Santia Deck’s Football Career and Injury History

Santia received a full track and field scholarship and enrolled at Texas A&M University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and literature in 2014. Deck enrolled in a summer track program when he was seven years old.

As was previously said, Santia played rugby union and earned the highest-paying contract in the annals of women’s football. She was hurt and couldn’t go on. For your information, Santia has sustained numerous wounds, much like Dino Waldren did when playing football.

Santia sustained an injury while preparing for the Olympics track. Deck has recovered after suffering some wounds, and she is working hard to establish her worth.

Early years

Santia Deck was born in Greenville, South Carolina, on November 19, 1991. She was raised by her parents in Houston, Texas. According to an online post, William Deck, Cynthia Deck, and Santee Deck are members of Santia’s family.

As a result of Santia’s lack of family-related conversation, more information is still being considered.

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Height and Weight

Santia, who was born on November 19, 1991, is currently 31 years old. Deck stands a height of 5 feet 1 inch at her tallest point (155 cm). Deck is 61 kg heavy (135 lbs).

In addition, Santia enjoys working out and has maintained an athletic physique through rigorous training. She also presents the Queen of Abs Fitness chat program on television.