Sarah Barthel

Sarah Barthel is a well-known rock musician, but her relationship with her better half, Shaun White, is more important than her celebrity. Shaun is a two-time Olympic gold champion and a skilled snowboarder.

Sarah has experienced many horrible events in her life, including the death of her sister and other misfortunes, yet she has always remained strong. Apart from the relationship statements, there’s a lot more to her, and we’ll tell you about it.

How Much Is Sarah Barthel Net Worth?

If you are dedicated to doing good, music can be a lucrative sector of labor. Barthel, who has been working in the music industry for almost a decade, is in a similar situation. Her net worth is currently estimated to be $3 million.

Her contribution to the realm of music has resulted in all of this. With each passing year, she produces more work, which will only add to her net worth. She is currently living a wealthy lifestyle with her partner.

Early Childhood Development and Education:

Sarah grew up in Greenwich, where she spent the majority of her youth with her family and siblings. Her childhood was rather normal, with most of her requirements being met without difficulty. There was also freedom in the family, which allowed her to pursue her dream of being a rock singer. Her life was shattered when her sister committed suicide due to depression, and she now finds it difficult to function in daily life.

Though she studied visual arts at Champlain College in Vermont, she does not have a formal education. However, her research wasn’t always successful.


Sarah, like any other artist who has recently discovered their passion, has left her studies to pursue her passion. She dropped out of school in 2007 because she was dissatisfied with it.

When she returned to her homeland, she reconnected with an old acquaintance, Josh Carter, who joined the band. Charlie Everywhere was born as a result of their collaboration. It was a new band that began performing in the neighborhood.

When they released two EPs, Charlie Everywhere EP 1 and 2, their hopes were sky high. The band’s name was changed as a result of their relationship with the UK label Barely Breaking Even. Phantogram was renamed, and amazing things began to happen for them. They launched their debut album Eyelid Movies in 2009, followed by another album Voices, which received widespread acclaim.

The album Voices flew to the top of the charts, and the band never looked back after that. Precisely Fall in Love was the single that made a big number of people fall in love with them. Looking at the current situation, she and the band have a lot more to offer. We will continue to keep readers informed in the future.

Sarah Barthel’s Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Sarah Barthel and Shaun White (Source:

Finding a wonderful one from a completely other genre is a godsend. People tend to have luck on their side and the flow on their side. Shaun White and Sarah Barthel have been romantically linked.

Readers may not be aware that White is an Olympic gold champion in snowboarding who is currently competing at a high level. Both of them met on a reality show in 2016 while Shaun was looking for a place to live.

Despite the fact that the pair has been together for three years, there is no mention of them getting married or engaged in the media. We get the impression from their status that they are having a great time traveling on vacation and sharing it on social media.


Sarah Demarest Barthel was born in Greenwich on February 17, 1983. Bruce Barthel and Claire Demarest are her parents’ names. Aside from that, she has a sister named Rebecca Claire Barthel. The Barthel family received devastating news when her sister committed suicide.

She is of American nationality and white ethnicity, having been born in the United States. Her astrological sign is Aquarius.

Body Measurements and Age:

Sarah is currently 36 years old. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs 63 kilograms. Her rockstar looks, as well as her ability to captivate an audience, are both impressive. Despite the fact that the height and weight are public knowledge, nothing is known about the crucial body data.

Sarah has maintained an average height, but her rockstar image has a way of capturing the attention of the camera. The blonde hair color, combined with blue eyes, completes the physical appearance.

Reach on Social Media:

Instagram- 94.2k followers

Twitter– 19.8k followers

Sarah Barthel: Quick Facts

Full Name Sarah Demarest Barthel
Date of Birth 1983/02 /17
Nickname Sarah Barthel
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace Greenwich, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 36
Profession Musician
Nationality American
Height 5’3″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Net Worth $3 million
Boyfriend Shaun White
Online Presence Twitter