Sebastian Yatra-Singer-songwriter| Net Worth – Age, Height, Weight, Wiki & Biography

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Sebastian Yatra

Full Name

Sebastián Obando Giraldo




October 15, 1994


Medellín, Colombia





Current City






Zodiac Sign





  • Spanish

  • English


  • Singer

  • Songwriter



Car Collection

  • McLaren 720 S

  • Lamborghini Huracan

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia

  • Porsche Panamera

  • Range Rover Sport

  • Chevrolet Suburban LTZ

Sebastian Yatra is a singer-songwriter from Colombia. He was born in Medellín, Colombia, on October 15, 1994. Sebastian’s sound is characterized by a fusion of Latin, pop, and reggaeton styles. A few of Sebastian’s hit hits include “Traicionera,” “Robarte un Beso,” and “Devuélveme el Corazón.” Sebastian has also done a great deal of touring in the US and Latin America. Sebastian took earned the Best Male Pop Vocal Album Latin Grammy in 2019.

What is the net worth of Sebastian Yatra?

Sebastian Yatra is a singer-songwriter from Colombia, and he is worth $1.5 million. His musical career is the primary source of his income.

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Career of Sebastian Yatra:

Ever since he was a teenager, Sebastian Yatra has been a singer and songwriter. His work with the band Reik brought him prominence in Colombia, where he eventually found success as a solo artist. Numerous popular singles, such as “Traicionera,” “Robarte un Beso,” and “Un Año,” have been recorded by Sebastian. Sebastian has received numerous honors, such as MTV Video Music Awards and Latin Grammy Awards. Working on his upcoming record, Sebastian is now contracted to Universal Music Group. Sebastian Yatra is rapidly emerging as one of the most well-known Latin musicians worldwide because to his burgeoning career. Talented singer-songwriter Sebastian Yatra has a bright future in the music business. His work with the band Reik brought him prominence in Colombia, where he eventually found success as a solo artist.

Physical Appearance:

Yatra is a Colombian singer-songwriter who is 27 years old. Sebastian has black hair that he frequently wears in a quiff and brown eyes. He weighs 165 pounds and stands about 5 feet 10 inches tall. Yatra usually dresses casually, with t-shirts and trousers. Sebastian wears a size 4 (US) shoe.

Is Sebastian Yatra dating?

Man named Yatra is single. At the moment, he is linked to Clara Galle. He has never been married before. Yatra is a singer from Colombia. Reggaeton, trap, and Latin pop are all mixed together in Yatra’s music.

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Yatra is a very successful musician and songwriter, to sum up. His songs are quite well-known, and he has had numerous hits. Additionally, he serves as an excellent example for youth. He never stops working hard and attempting to change the world. Many people look up to Yatra, and he will always be successful in the music business. Yatra is an inspiration to a lot of people and a role model for the younger generation.