Shane Guidry Net Worth, Early Life, Career Life, Marital Status, Age, and Philanthropic Activities

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Real Name

Shane Guidry






Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf

Net Worth

$17 million (Estimate)












Holly Guidry

Number of Children


Marine businessman Shane Guidry became Chairman and CEO of his family’s Harvey Gulf International Marine firm in 1997, and he turned it into one of the leading maritime transportation corporations in the US and overseas. Over time, as Harvey Gulf expanded, what else did it grow alongside? Shane’s wealth. By 2023, his predicted net worth will be $17 million.

What is the net worth of Shane Guidry?

Shane Guidry is among the most prosperous CEOs in the maritime sector with a $17 million net worth as of 2023 .

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Salary, Monthly Income, and Annual Earnings

The monthly and annual income of Shane Guidry is not disclosed to the public.

Early Years:

Shane Guidry was born on June 1st, 1970 in Harvey, Louisiana, to the Guidry family. He went to De La Salle High School in New Orleans.

Shane was introduced to the marine transportation industry at a young age. When he was ten, his father took him to Tusla, Oklahoma, on business trips. In addition, Shane and his father would frequently examine ships and deal with problems related to operations.

Career of Shane Guidry:

With more than thirty years of experience, Shane Guidry is a skilled practitioner in the maritime transportation field. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf International Maritime, a company that supplies ships for offshore activities in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas. Shane started working with Harvey Gulf in 1988, and by 1997, he was the CEO.

Because to his leadership, Harvey Gulf, which used to specialize in inland and offshore towing vessels, is now a major player in the deepwater marine industry throughout the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

In addition to Shane’s achievements as Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf, his business is a pioneer in the usage of LNG as a marine fuel.Harvey Gulf is the first operator of a platform supply vessel flying the US flag and the owner of an LNG bunkering plant in the United States.

Is Shane Guidry married?

Holly Guidry and Shane Guidry had a happy marriage. Their children’s names and wedding date are unknown.

Age and Physical Appearance:

In 2023, Shane Guidry will be 53 years old. His height and weight have not been disclosed to the public.


In his neighborhood, Shane Guidry has backed a number of issues, including health, sports, and education. He has contributed to the funding of the track at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and the baseball field at De La Salle High School, as well as concerns like cystic fibrosis research. In addition, Shane organizes the Heart Walk for The American Heart Association.

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Shane Guidry has guided Harvey Gulf International Marine to become a significant player in the maritime industry since taking over as Chairman and CEO of the company in 1997. As a result of his achievements, his personal net worth is projected to reach an astounding $17 million by 2023.

Shane, who has a long history of success in the marine sector, is also quite charitable. He has contributed to numerous community initiatives, ranging from health to education, that have improved the lives of those who have benefited from them.