Shannon Ihrke – Model, Horse trainer | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts

Full Name Shannon Ihrke
Profession Model, Horse trainer
Nationality American
Birth City Minnesota
Birth Country United States
Mother Name Doreen Sawyer
Marital Status Single
No Of Children 2
Height 173 cm
Networth $15,00,000

Model Shannon Ihrke, an American, has taken the title of “World’s Sexiest Military Person.” Former Marine Sergeant Ihrke pursued her dream of modeling and is currently posing for various companies and photographers.

Ihrke is not only multi-talented but also a licensed horse trainer. Shannon’s Instagram is a veritable feast for equines and animals. Let’s explore the Ihrke’s life and follow her transformation from a marine to a model.

How much is the Net worth of Shannon Ihrke?

The estimated net worth of Shannon Ihrke is $1.5 million. She has a simple country-girl lifestyle and is modest even though she is a millionaire.

Shannon Ihrke having fun with her daughter at beach.
Shannon Ihrke having fun with her daughter at the beach. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke

Ihrke makes her living primarily from training horses. She also makes a considerable income from her modeling profession. Shannon’s modeling career has allowed her to travel the world and work with various brands and companies like Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and so on.

Involvement In Charity Works

Although Shannon Ihrke has a bold personality, she is a kind-hearted woman. Ihrke has collaborated with the Chicago Marine Corps Foundation and is involved in several military charities.

The foundation supports giving scholarships to kids who have dads or moms who were wounded or passed away in the military. Even though she left the military, Shannon is still active in some of their work.

Early Years, Age, Parents and Education

Shannon Ihrke was born on August 15, 1989, and is currently in her mid-30s. Like Mary Mack, she hails from Minnesota in the United States. Ihrke and her two brothers were reared by their mother, Doreen Sawyer.

Regarding Shannon’s father, it doesn’t seem like he was around during her formative years. Perhaps Ihrke’s parents divorced when she was a little child. Ihrke had a difficult upbringing. She was trying to meet the requirements of her education while balancing two jobs.


Shannon Ihrke, however, is a brainy beauty. She graduated from Elmhurst College in Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in science. Ihrke spent two years at St. Cloud University prior to attending Elmhurst College.

Ihrke also attended Minnesota Horse Training Academy and currently holds a certification in horse training. Also, shannon revealed on Fox News that her college advisor suggested she enlist in the military in order to receive financial aid for her education.

Shannon Ihrke’s Marine Life

Shannon Ihrke enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 2008 and served there for four years. She enlisted in the military at the age of barely 19. The recruiter told Ihrke she wouldn’t make it through the BootCamp when she went up to them. She enjoyed the Bootcamp despite its difficulty.

Shannon Ihrke in a military uniform.
Shannon Ihrke in a military uniform. Source: Instagram @shannaihrke

Subsequently, the recruiter claimed to have recognized Shannon’s Alpha personality from the start. Shannon ascended to the rank of Sergeant E5 while serving in the Corps as an Administrative Specialist. She claims that her life now has a purpose thanks to Marine Life.

Marine To Modeling: Shannon Ihrke’s Journey To The World’s Sexiest Military

In the last half of her active military service, Shannon Ihrke discovered her love for modeling. She submitted her picture to Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest. Ihrke participated in a second round of picture shoots in Las Vegas after being chosen for the top 10.

Shannon Ihker is in military uniform for a photoshoot..
Shannon Ihker is in military uniform for a photoshoot. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke

Shannon’s status as a Military girl was revealed, and Maxim expressed interest in doing a special picture session with her. Shannon, however, never heard from them until her friend informed her that she was featured on a Maxim cover. Unserke revealed to Fox News:

“My friend was at the airport and he called me and said, ‘Congratulations on getting the Maxim cover.’ And I was just stunned. I had no idea,”

The 2019 Thomas Prusso Military Glamour Calendar also included the sexiest military personnel in the world. She was posing in a military uniform while in the dessert.

Is Shannon Ihrke Dating? What Is Her Relationship Status?

It looks like Shannon Ihrke, an American model, is single. There are no indications that she and Jake, the person she once dated, are still together. Shannon reportedly split up with the father of her child.

Shannon Ihrke in a wedding dress.
Shannon Ihrke in a wedding dress. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke

Shannon Ihrke wearing a bridal gown. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke Despite being by herself right now, Ihrke has nevertheless had the opportunity to wear a bridal gown. When Shannon wore a wedding dress for a bridal modeling session, she looked amazing.

The Marine-Turned-Model, Shannon Ihrke, Is A Mother Of Two

Aryana and Ava Ihrke are Shannon’s two daughters, and she is a proud mother. She would sacrifice anything for her kids since she loves them so much. Ihrke posted a video of her girls writing on Instagram on August 9, 2023.

For them – I would go through it all over again. I will always choose you two ♥️

The girls of Ihrke are separated by 14 months. October 2019 saw the birth of her first kid. She adores Spider-Man and dreams of being an astronaut and superhero in the future. Shannon is teaching her kids to love horses by becoming a cowgirl. A video of Shannon’s youngest child, who was born on September 6, 2021, riding and strolling on their adorable pony horse was posted.

Shannon Ihrke with her two daughter Ava and Ary.
Shannon Ihrke with her two daughters Ava and Ary. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke

Ihrke’s priceless girls are bilingual even at a young age. Yes, they are also fluent in Spanish! Funny video of the ex-Marine shared online features her youngest daughter. She can count to ten in Spanish with accuracy, but her response on what a cow eats was incorrect.

Body Measurements: Plastic Surgeries & Transformation

The World’s sexiest model, Shannon is a blondie with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches like Miguel Cazarez Mora. Her normal weight is 58 kg but on June 23, 2023, Ihrke mentioned she gained 10 pounds more and is learning to love her body.

Shannon Ihrke has a body measurement of 36-24-36 inches and is not shy to flaunt her hourglass figure on social media. Ihrke has a cup Size D and wears a dress size of 6(US). According to Celebrity Surgery Icon, the American model has undergone breast augmentation.

Shannon Ihrke’s Life Revolves Around Daughter And Pet

Looking at Shannon Ihrke’s Instagram with over 130k followers, one can conclude her life revolves around her daughter and pets. Speaking of pets, Shannon has lots of them. Ihrke has two lovely dogs which are also her first line of defense.

Shanon Ihrke with her pet dog. Source: Instagram @shannonihrke

They are of breed Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd. Besides dogs, she also introduced her family donkey, Juanita. As a horse trainer, Shannon has lots of horses. She has a lot of pictures of horse riding and training on her Instagram @shannonihrke

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