Sherrie Swafford

Sherrie Swafford is an ’80s celebrity who rose to prominence after dating famous Hollywood celebrities. She gained media attention and a spotlight after dating famous American songwriter and Journey band singer Steve Perry. She was the inspiration for and the character described in her ex-hit partner’s solo song, “Oh Sherrie.”

Sherrie Swafford’s Net Worth: The Woman Behind ‘Oh Sherrie’

Sherrie Swafford was a yoga instructor and esthetician in the 1980s and 1990s, and her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. Furthermore, she was said to earn $40,000 per year from her combined professions.

Except that, in addition to working as a yoga instructor and esthetician, she also appeared in her ex-hit boyfriend’s solo song, Oh Sherrie. The song was released on April 7, 1984, and peaked at number three on the pop chart and first on the rock chart in the United States. Overall, MTV aired the song’s music video quickly in order to promote it.

The ex-boyfriend of the former esthetician is a well-known singer and songwriter with a net worth of $45 million. The musician amassed a lot of money and fan love as a result of his singing career.

Sherrie Swafford
Caption: Sherrie Swafford (source: Networth Height Salary)

Sherrie Swafford is currently dating? Discover more about her personal life.

Sherrie Swafford may be single right now. She isn’t interested in any men after her bitter divorce from lover Steven. The yoga teacher is rarely seen in the media these days, and there is no sign of rumors at this time. The 1980s diva is thought to be living alone, and she has kept her personal life private.

Sherrie has not been seen with any men since her divorce from Steve Perry. She was, however, the subject of Perry’s 1984 solo hit “Oh Sherrie.” The blonde-haired model appeared in the music video and inspired Journey hits such as “Open Arms” and “Separate Ways.”

Despite the fact that Perry and Sawford had an affair for a short time, their love story piqued the public’s interest. As an apology, Steve promised to write a song for the still-angry Swafford, and “Oh Sherry” peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts in 1984.

Sherrie Swafford’s Admiration for Steve Perry

Sherry and Steve were the relationship goals that those who lived in that era aspired to. Journey, a song written by Steve, expresses how crazy the couple was for each other. She was so taken with him that even after he went solo, she remained his muse, inspiring songs such as Don’t Fight It, Foolish Heart, You Better Wait, and, of course, Oh Sherrie.

In the music video for the song, Steve referred to Sherrie as his love interest (Oh Sherrie). The song was an instant success and a fan favorite. Since then, there have been numerous controversies surrounding this mysterious lady who won the hearts of the rock stars.

Affair History

Swafford previously had a relationship with Steve Perry, the singer of the Journey band. The two had a good relationship at first, and Steve even wrote a song for Sherrie called “Oh Sherrie” and featured her in the video in 1984. Despite the fact that the couple was having a good time, they decided to split up and have been living separately since 1985.

Perry sweetly recalled his days with Swafford in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times in 2011. He stated,

“I can tell you that Sherrie and I were madly in love. And it was a particularly difficult time because the band was at its peak. And if any woman out there thinks that being the girlfriend of someone in a band like that would be exciting and all peaches and cream, the truth is that it’s difficult to navigate a relationship when you’re in the midst of such a ride.”

When asked why they split up, the star stated that they were good for each other but not right for each other. He went on to say that 1985 was a difficult year for him because it was the year his mother died and the year he broke up with the love of his life.

“I believe that when you love someone, you never stop loving them; you simply have to accept it. That’s not good. It’s just something you have to face, and it might not be the right time or it might not be right at all. But the hardest part is that once you fall in love with someone, you’re there… and if you pull out, you never truly were.”

Furthermore, Sherrie once stated,

“I’m an esthetician who also teaches yoga. I’ve never married and have no children. I enjoy my animals, gardening, and living life. Keep my friends (including Steve) and my privacy in mind. It was a completely different experience for us! It was all about love, nothing else!”

Sherrie was never rumored to be dating or marrying anyone after her divorce from Steve; however, Steve was dating Kellie Nash. Kellie was a physiologist who was in the fourth stage of cancer and receiving treatment when Perry fell for her. Furthermore, the couple lived together in their small house in New York for one and a half years until Nash died in 2012.

Sherrie Swafford
Caption: Sherrie Swafford’s ex-boyfriend Steve Perry (source: JukeBugs)

Sherrie Swafford Fast Facts

  • Sherrie Swafford is an American citizen.
  • Back in 1984, she was the inspiration for her ex-partner Steve’s hit song ‘Oh Sherrie.’
  • The yoga instructor is rarely seen in the media and is not on any social media platforms.
  • The ’80s esthetician once stated that she is not married and enjoys her single life without children.
  • She is of average height and has a striking pair of blue eyes and curly brown hair.

Quick facts:

Family Name : Swafford
Birth Country : United States


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