Shirlene Pearson Net Worth – $500 thousand

American television personality Shirlene King Pearson became well-known thanks to the program Little Women: Atlanta. She is both a member of the cast and the show’s producer. She is known more often as Ms. Juicy Baby.

Quick Facts, Bio and Wiki of Shirlene Pearson

Birth Date January 5,1972
Full Name Shirlene King Pearson
Birth Name Shirlene Pearson
Profession TV Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Birth City Corsicana, Texas
Birth Country USA
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital Status Divorced
No Of Children 1
Height 121 cm
Net worth$ $500 thousand
Siblings Tanya Evans
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems
Insta Link Insta Link
Last Update November 2022

The Texan woman was born in Corsicana, Texas, on January 5, 1972. We will be giving readers a glimpse into the life of such an excellent woman (Shirlene Pearson) in this article.

How much is the latest net worth of Shirlene Pearson?

Shirlene Pearson is well-known in the television industry. She has achieved great success and fame thanks to her TV profession. The actress has amassed a fortune of $500k, which is equally as astounding as her personality.

Shirlene Pearson at an event (Source: People)

Her most lucrative venture, Little Women: Atlanta, is the source of much of her riches. In her second season, she joined the program; the rest is history.

Who Is Shirlene Pearson’s Husband?

Pearson, a well-known TV reality personality, believed she had discovered true love, but it wasn’t meant to be. Sadly, she was forced to divorce her husband of fifteen years.

Because no information is accessible, it is unclear who her husband is. Her present marital status is similarly unknown, however many people assume she is single.

Body Measurements: Ms. Jucy Is A Dwarf:

Ms. Juicy’s height is undoubtedly one of the first things you’ll notice about her when you take a glance at her. She is quite small. But why is it the case?

Shirlene Pearson getting her photos clicked at the event (Source: Page Six)

It turns out that she lacks growth hormone. She is dwarfed due to her pituitary gland. The TV celebrity is just 4 feet (121 cm) tall due to her disability.

Is Shirlene Pearson Still Alive After Having A Stroke?

Little Women: When news of Atlanta actress Pearson’s hospitalization spread, her supporters were alarmed. She had a stroke and was required to stay in an ICU. Her stroke reportedly featured a brain hemorrhage, according to Page Six.

Soon after being released from the hospital, Pearson thanked her followers on Instagram for their unending love, support, and prayers.

The cost of the hospital bills was high and seemed to be rising steadily. Tanya Evans, her sister, created a Gofundme appeal to seek money for her sister’s medical bills. The goal was to reach $25,000, which was also Kailyn Lowry’s net worth.

The Death Of Her Friend Ms. Minnie

When Ashley Ross, nicknamed Ms. Minnie, a cast member of Little Women: Atlanta, passed away, Pearson entered one of the hardest periods of her life.

She was killed in an automobile collision. On April 26, 2020, she lost control and slammed into another vehicle traveling in the opposite way. She passed out immediately and was subsequently declared dead.

On Little Women: Atlanta, the burial procession for Ms. Minnie was broadcast. Fans wept and expressed sympathy to Ms. Minnie’s mother, who had to bury her child, for having to do so.


Pearson addressed the issue, claiming that she and Minnie were great friends off-camera and that all of their arguing was done for the benefit of the show because viewers had only seen her and Minnie fighting. She uttered:

As far as me and Minnie goes, I look at it as just like everybody else. It’s a job. So we had to do what we had to do for the sake of a job but not to belittle us or question our integrity. We knew what it was at the end of the day but we also have to bring entertainment to everyone. There’s times that we had to show our true feelings. And no real relationship, whether it’s friendship or not, get along at all times. But we have differences. But other than that, we was very cool, very close.

Holds An IT Degree:

Do you remember Pearson attending college? She not only went, but she also received her degree. She was a DeVry University student. You would most likely assume that she obtained her degree in the arts and theater for someone who chose to work in the entertainment industry (as is the case with most celebrities).

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that she has an IT degree. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of Technology, where she earned a degree in Computer Information Systems.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that those who work in reality television are uneducated, so they participate in these programs to gain attention in the hopes that a movie director will contact them. Pearson is deserving of praise for shattering this widespread myth.

Pearson Once Got Wounded In The Fight

Fans of Shirlene Pearson may remember the day she got into a fight and suffered a cut on her forehead. However, Pearson was not a party to a physical fight. She attempted to break up the altercation between the Little Women: Atlanta cast members when she was injured.

Shirlene Pearson trying to break a fight (Source: Daily Mail)

Between Abira Greene and Amanda and Andrea Salina, a conflict erupted. People in the area, including Pearson, attempted to break up the fight in the hopes that the situation would not get worse. She suffered a severe cut to her head at that time after having her head struck by a glass.

She was injured despite the fact that it was an accident. Although she needed to be transported to the hospital to have her wound patched because the cut was so deep.

Learn More About Pearson’s Life Through Instagram

Ms. Juicy has a website. Through her Instagram account @msjuicyrsms, the actress’s followers can discover more about her life. Celebrities typically utilize social media to unwind, have fun, and display a side of their lives that their fans may not necessarily be familiar with.

Although Pearson enjoys fun on Instagram, her main goal is to inspire others through motivational words and videos. Her Instagram is crammed with sayings and memorable speeches that aim to motivate others to live better lives.

A Part-Time YouTuber: Shirlene Pearson YouTube Channel Name

Pearson is a YouTuber in addition to her television employment and maintaining her Instagram account. Her channel on YouTube is titled The Real Ms. Juicy Baby. The platform welcomed her on November 18, 2019.

Pearson uploads a variety of video formats. Podcasts, interviews, singing, and even horseback riding are all included. Even her show is available on her channel, The Juicy Box.

Once upon a time, she used to frequently post videos to her channel every week. However, she hasn’t posted anything recently on her YouTube page. It’s unclear if she stopped doing YouTube because she had no motivation left, or if her busy schedule had taken up most of her time.

Shirlene Pearson as a Meme

Pearson has achieved success in the memesphere. Her one incident became the basis for a meme. The template was previously quite well-liked by the meme community, but some individuals loathed it because of how frequently it was used.

She appeared alongside internet celebrity Quenlin Blackwell in the meme template. In the meme, Pearson seems visibly perplexed as Blackwell tries to explain anything. These two instances, which are wholly unrelated, were combined to create a meme.

Shirlene Pearson’s face which was turned into a meme (Source: Know Your Meme)

The funny meme, on the other hand, doesn’t have a similar origin narrative. When Blackwell and Pearson were mentioned in BuzzFeed’s well-liked YouTube series I Accidentally Became A Meme, people learned where the meme came from.

Blackwell discussed how she had experienced so much hostility that it nearly led to her suicide. Since she is currently leading a wonderful life, everyone was sympathetic and glad for her.