Sina Karimian

Sina Karimian is an Iranian MMA fighter from his new POWER OF DREAM (2019 –) unit. He fights under the Cruiserweight Division, according to his weight level. And he’s got a history in Kickboxing’s martial art form, which we can see a lot in his matches.

He’s also the first K-1 WORLD Cruiserweight Champion. The latest career record of our warrior enacts 10 victories, of which 5 are knockouts and just 1 defeat.

10 facts about the Sina Karimian

1. Sina Karimian was born in Isfahan, Iran, on January 23, 1988. It is estimated to be 32 years of age as of this year 2020.
2. Throughout his service, he spent most of his time in Iran, Tokyo, and now in the United States. However, our warrior remains Iranian by ethnicity on the grounds of his partition.
3. Sina has its own official bio, featured on Wikipedia. However, in this post, we have included everything you want to know about the Iranian MMA fighter.
4. He is currently trained by his two official team mentors, Weerasakreck Wonpasser and Seiichi Furukawa.
5. According to his official profile, Sina stands at a height of 6 foot 7 inches. It has an average total area of 210 cm. It also has a current bodyweight of 90kg.
6. Sina is a big MMA talent. He was a five-time World Champion, including his latest championship title.
7. We have verified, to our understanding and on the basis of extensive analysis, that he is not married. In reality, he’s not even dating, and he’s actually single.
8. Being one of the best fighters, Sina is making a bank through his matches and endorsement. However, the net valuation for 2020 is also under review.
9. He has an official account for Instagram @sinakarimian hero.
10. We can also find his checked Twitter account at @sinakarimian90.

Facts of Sina Karimian

Name Sina Karimian
Birthday January 23, 1988
Age 32
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 7 inches
Weight 90 kg
Nationality Iranian
Profession MMA Fighter
Instagram @sinakarimian_hero
Twitter @sinakarimian90