Stepanka Hilgertova

Stepanka Hilgertova .is a former Czechoslovak-Czech slalom canoeist. She is a well-known athlete who has represented the United States in six Summer Olympics. Stepanka competed in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona for Czechoslovakia. From Atlanta in 1996 to London in 2012, the slalom racer represented the Czech Republic five times in a row.

Quick Facts

Full Name Stepanka Hilgertova
Nickname Stepana
Birth Place Prague, Czechia
Residence Prague, Czechia
Nationality Czech
Birth Date April 10, 1968
Hobbies Yoga, Dancing, Reading
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Charles University, Prague
Zodiac Sign Aries
Chinese Zodiac Monkey
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Niece Amalie Hilgretova
Age 54 years old
Height 1.65 m (165 cm)
Weight 56 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Marital Status Married
Husband Lubos Hilgert (her coach as well)
Profession Canoeist, Sports instructor, Hiko team manager
Senior Debut Country USA
Senior Debut Year 1998
Children Son (Lubos Jr. Hilgert)
Social Media FacebookTwitter
Net Worth Not Available
Merch  PaddleGloves
Last Update June 2022

Stepanka also won gold at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney, respectively. Stepanka enjoys spending time in the water. Her driving forces are the feeling of being close to nature and meeting people from all over the world.

What is the Net Worth of Stepanka Hilgertova?

She has estimated $ 1 million. However her exact net worth hasn’tt revealed yet

She currently works in an office after retiring at the age of 49 and lives a happy and healthy life with her husband and son.

Although Stepanka’s exact net worth is unknown, the slalom racer has amassed sufficient wealth to live a life of luxury. Rather of promoting a lavish lifestyle, the Olympian is perceived as promoting a healthy one.

She also volunteers with a number of charitable organizations in her home country. She is also known for making charitable contributions and other philanthropic endeavors.

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Early Years and Family Life of Stepanka Hilgertova

Stepanka Hilgertova  the Proseks’ daughter, was born in Prague, Podol, on April 10, 1968. Podol is a Prague district located to the south of the city center. For those unfamiliar with Prague, it is located near the Vltava River. Stepanka was born in the Podolská maternity hospital, which is located right below the Vyehrad walls on the Vltava embankment.

As a result, Stepanka grew up in close proximity to the ocean. She was a daring young lady with a deep interest in athletics. The olympian began gymnastics as a young child. It’s no surprise that she still enjoys yoga and gymnastics.

Stepanka’s mother was also a ski champion. At the first World Ski Championships for physically and visually handicapped athletes in Grand Bornand, her mother won four gold medals.

As a result, she inherited her mother’s passion for skiing. During the winter, she began to focus on downhill skiing.

Stepanka grew up on the riverbank and has always loved being near the water.

Personal Career of Stepanka Hilgertova

Lubos Hilgertova is the Olympian’s husband. Lubos is a caring husband as well as Stepanka’s coach.

She fell in love with Lubos at a young age and the two exchanged marriage vows.

The young couple used to meet on the riverbank virtually every day before they married. Their first joint training and love meetings took place in the river.

They were both enthralled by the same thing. Their shared objectives and interests drew them even closer together. Stepanka was madly in love and pregnant at the time of her marriage to Lubos.

In the winter, Stepanka gave birth to a son seven days before Christmas.

The kayakers were hard at work at Bourg St. Maurice, preparing for the World Cup. Stepanka, on the other hand, left the game to care for her son Jr. Lubos.

First Olympics Gold medal

In the 1996 Summer Olympics, the athlete won her first medal. The Olympic slalom event was held at Ocoee Whitewater Center near Ducktown, Tennessee.

The Ocoee is a historic Indian river that flows through Tennessee’s wooded valley. The river is not only gorgeous and wide, but it also has large waves and is a great area to canoe.

It is, however, difficult. There is no room for chance in Ocoee. It’s like a sieve through which only masters can pass.

Her life changed on the Ocoee River in 1996. She won an Olympic gold medal and achieved her first great achievement, along with all the fame and notoriety that came with it.

She arrived at the vortex and rapids of the Ocoee River in the American Cherokee Nature Reserve on the Tennessee-Georgia border on Saturday, July 27, 1996, exactly five minutes after three o’clock in the afternoon.

Stepanka wins gold medal (Source: Facebook)

She won gold in the Olympic kayaking competition. She was also the first woman to have the Czech national anthem performed in her honor at the Olympics, following a 28-year wait since Mexico 1968.

“I felt comparable sensations of happiness during the anthem as when I gave birth to a healthy kid after the Chernobyl accident,” revealed Olympic winner Stepanka.

Gold in the Olympics for the second time

Sydney, Australia hosted the Summer Olympics in 2000. Stepanka was competing in the Olympics for the second time, this time representing her native Czech Republic.

She was composed and focused, determined to give it her all and bring home the gold. Furthermore, after Stepanka concluded her maiden ride in the foamy water, bystanders had the feeling that she was someone who could not be defeated.

The Czech canoe racer danced through the gates of an artificial canal in Penrith, near Sydney, on the third day of the final Olympic Games in 2000.

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Age, Weight and Body Measurements of Stepanka Hilgertova

Stepanka, a slalom racer, was born in the year 1968.

According to the Chinese calendar, she was born in the year of the Monkey. The year of the monkey is the ninth in the Chinese zodiac’s 12-year cycle of animals.

When it comes to Stepanka’s physical appearance, she has a body that is quite flexible. She keeps his physique in shape by doing regular exercises, yoga, gymnastics, and eating well.

She also stands 1.65 meters tall and weighs around 56 kilograms. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, the 54-year-old looks stunning. Czechoslovak is his nationality.

Her zodiac sign is also Aries. Sapiens born under the sign of Aries are imaginative, passionate, hardworking, and vivacious.

They’re also tenacious, stunningly gorgeous, and magnetic. Stepaka is no exception.

Presence on social media

The slalom racer can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Her Facebook page has approximately 1.4K people following her. Likewise, around 600 people follow the athlete on Twitter.

Stepanka posts a picture with David Ford on Facebook

Stepanka is active on Facebook in addition to Twitter. She uses Facebook to post stuff about her personal and professional life on a regular basis.

“nco málo ze ivota vodn slalomáky:-)” says her Facebook bio.

This translates to “a taste of a water slalom racer’s life:-).”


Is Stepanka a believer in superstitions?

Stepanka isn’t a particularly religious person. She does feel, however, that deep breathing improves attention. It’s more accurately described as a ritual that she follows rather than a superstitious belief.

What are the most notable accomplishments of Stepanka Hilgertova?

Stepanka’s most cherished achievement is her 1996 Olympic gold medal in Atlanta. The gold instilled confidence in her, and she began to believe in herself.

Carrying the national flag during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony and competing in the London Olympics were equally memorable experiences for her.

Who is the most significant person in Stepanka Hilgertova’s life?

Renata Knová, Stepanks’ first coach, has left a profound imprint in her heart among the numerous people she has met on her life’s journey. Renata has been a kayaker since the 1960s.

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