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With his prominent roles in iconic cult movies such as Queen Of The Damned and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Actor Stuart Townsend has found significant success. But his acting career did not take off in the long term and he even lost Aragorn’s position in actor Viggo Mortensen’s The Lord OF The Rings trilogy.

It turns out that things did not turn out that well in his private lives together with his showbiz career. Let us thus examine in fully the issues facing the actor outside Hollywood.

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Kids, Wife Argument, Arrest

Stuart has two children with Agatha Araya, and one of them is named Desmond Townsend. They have two other children together. From Costa Rica, his wife was born, and the first two began dating in 2013.

To keep things private, he chose to keep his marriage very private. So far, no one has talked about his wedding. When his marriage started to fall apart, it started making news in 2019.

Stuart Townsend as seen with his wife and eldest son in 2014 (Photo:

The artist, in charge of domestic violence, was detained in September that year by police officers in his apartment in Santa Monica, California. It came out that the actor had a furious dispute with his wife, because of which their neighbors had contacted the police with a loud noise complaint.

Lud Foe Age, Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend, Charged with domestic violence:

According to the sources, the fighting became almost violent when he grabbed his wife by the arm. He thus spent a number of weeks in prison but, when the court ordered him to pay the 50 thousand-Dollar bails, he was released by the end of October 2019.

He was also accused of false incarceration, as stated in the reports. Fortunately, his wife declined to charge him for his work, but their relationship continues to be unclear, and hopefully, instead of planing a division, they set aside their disputes.

Former girlfriend of Stuart Townsend

Even although the current circumstance is full of controversy, Stuart lived in the past extremely favorably. His actress Charlize Theron has been dating Hollywood A-list for about a decade.

Stuart met her at the film Trapped for the first time and for years to come remained highly loyal to each other. Interestingly enough, in her 2004 Oscar victory speech, Charlize even praised him.

They had, however, decided not to commit themselves legally to each other. The former flame made the vow not to be married until same-sex marriage in the United States was legalized.

Stuart Townsend and girlfriend Charlize Theron attend the red carpet premiere of the movie Hancock in 2008 (Photo:

Although they were not legally married, on numerous occasions the couple cited themselves as married. According to Stuart’s 2007 interview with the People magazine, “I haven’t done a marriage to the church or anything, but we’re married. We are husband and wife. We are husband.”

They both had exchanged engagement rings that were ultimately a clue to their breakdown. On 22 January 2010, while she attended the telethon of Hope For Haiti her girlfriend was speculated on her division without a ring.

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The news was so accurate, and it was Charlie who was apparently breaking up with him.

Stuart City facts Facts

  1. Stuart is born in Dublin County, Ireland, on December 15, 1972, while Howth is its home.
  2. Together with his former friend, Charlie Theron, he performed in three movies, among them Trapped, Head In The Clouds, and Álvaro Street.
  3. The born Irish artist made money through boxing, till the film Trojan Eddie had its cinema premiere.
  4. In terms of height, it stands 5 feet and 11 inches.
  5. In addition to performing, Stuart has lent his voice in the adult humor show Robot Chicken for various roles.

Quick Facts About Stuart Townsend

Birthday: December 15, 1972

Age: 48 years

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As Stuart Peter Townsend

Born Country: Ireland

Born In: Howth, County Dublin, Ireland

Famous As: Actor, Director

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