Quick Facts of Summer Boissiere

Full Name Summer Boissiere
Nickname Summerella
Date of Birth 18 July, 1995
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia
Mother Kymberley Boissiere
Relationship History No
Net Worth $0.4 million
Height 5 feet 5 inches

Summerella became a social media celebrity after posting Vine videos on her account _Summerella_. Summerella has almost a million Vine followers. In 2015, she also released the single 11 Something, which reached on both the iTunes Pop and Billboard Top 100 R&B charts. In addition, her Instagram account has over 4.1 million followers. To understand more about her personal and professional life, read the entire article:

What is Summer’s Estimated Net Worth?

Summer Boissiere has a net worth of $0.4 million and is a well-known internet personality. She’s a well-known Vine star. In addition, Boissiere’s Vine account has over one million followers. Boissiere produced a vine called When T-Pain does the “nevaaaa” like Summerella on June 29, 2014.

Summerella also has a YouTube channel, Summerella, with 921k subscribers. Her YouTube channel pays her $1K to $16.1K per year, according to Socialblade. She has posted various videos on challenges, cosmetics and style routines, cuisine, music, and other creative videos since she started her YouTube account. Summerella is not just a popular internet personality, but she also has a successful singing career. Since its release in July 2018, her music video for the song Pull Up has earned over 5.1 million views.

Summerella’s biography

Summer Boissiere is Summerella’s true name. Furthermore, the social media sensation was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 18, 1995. Summerella’s forefathers came from Africa. Paisli, her older sister, is a model, and she grew up with two brothers. Her mother’s name is Kymberley Boissiere, but her father’s identity is unknown. Sumerrella also has a close relationship with her mother and brothers. On social media, she was spotted posting pictures of herself with her mother and sister.

Summerella has amassed 4.1 million followers src: Instagram.

Summerella had previously uploaded a photo of herself with her mother and older sister on May 13, 2018, wishing them a happy Mother’s Day. In the caption, she calls them “the best mums” and expresses her thanks for being a daughter.

Instagram’s Top Model

According to certain publications, Summerella has 4.1 million Instagram followers. In addition, like other social media stars Carly Haack and Sophia Esperanza, she works as an ambassador promoting businesses, which helps her earn a lot for her bank account. She may earn $4,000 to $6,000 for each of his posts. Nair, Official Yummy Hair Extensions, Remyy Luxe Collection, and SAVAGE X FENTY BY RIHANNA are among the businesses that Boissiere supports.

What You Should Know About Summerella’s Relationship

Summerella, who is 26 years old, may be unmarried because she prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. She excels at concealing her personal life and keeping it to a minimum.

Her Vine videos on her account _Summerella_ src: Instagram

Her social media sites also gave no hints about her romantic life or relationship. Aside from that, she is currently concentrating on her work. As a result, the social media star may not have time for her personal life or relationships. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, listening to music, and socializing with her friends.

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