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Suzanne Ircha was born in Ukrainian descent and is an actress who is known for her famous movies like  Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1995), Pontiac Moon (1994), and Return to Two Moon Junction (1995). She is married to Woody Johnson is the US ambassador to the UK. He has also acted in a few movies.

Suzanne is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrant father and Ukrainian-American mother. Her childhood was in the little village of Ukraine that is Manhattan’s. Suzanne’s father was from first-generation whereas her mother was from the second generation. Let’s learn more about Woody Johnson’s Wife, Age, Children, Net Worth, and Family Facts.

10 facts on Suzanne Ircha

  1. Suzanne’s father was a builder & electrician whereas her mother was a housewife.
  2. She got married to the current US ambassador to the UK. Despite having twenty years age gap they got married to each other on June 4 2009 after dating him for a few years.
  3. Suzanne and Woody have two sons name Robert Wood Johnson and Jack Wood Johnson. They were born on March 24, 2006, and October 13, 2008.
  4. She has done her graduation from Cornell University where she first joined Engineering but later jumped to Business studies.
  5. She had her graduation completed in 1985 from college and worked as a stocks specialist on wall street. Also, she was successful to make her first million at the age of 26.
  6. Suzanne is not only beautiful but is also multi-talented. She has also worked as managing director in the world trade center where the twin tower was attacked.
  7. Suzanne’s husband Woody is the grandson of Robert Wood Johnson who was the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson.
  8. She is also a good friend of Melania Trump, wife of President Donald Trump.
  9. When the twin tower of the world trade center in 2001 was attacked Suzanne was successful in making an escape from there. But she lost her 75 co-workers. She was saved because she was in the taxi at that time.
  10. Although she played role in star trek: Deep Space Nine. But she never received a screen credit and was known for her costume. Later it was also sold on ebay.

Facts of Suzanne Ircha

Name Suzanne Ircha
Age around 45 years
Gender Female
Nationality Ukrainian
Profession Actress
Married/Single Married
Husband Woody Johnson
Children 2
Education Cornell University