Tad Prescott

Tad Prescott is mostly known on the Internet as Dak Prescott’s older brother. Dak Prescott is a well-known football quarterback that plays for the Dallas Cowboys team.

Tad Prescott has recently become popular on the Internet, having updated more about Dak’s recovery from a particularly nasty injury on Twitter. Tad has a daughter, too. Besides the snippets of his family, Tad Prescott did not reveal much about his personal life and seems to be a private person.

10 facts about Tad Prescott

  1. The real name of Tad Prescott is Thaddeus J. Prescott. He has not yet disclosed details of his birth date to the public, but currently, he seems to be between 30 and 35 years of age.
  2. He recently posted a photo on his Twitter account with his brother Dak Prescott. In this post, he updated the public on Dak’s recovery from his injury, saying he’d surely come back stronger.
  3. Tad Prescott’s brother Dak Prescott is a rugby player and is currently on the “Dallas Cowboys” team.
  4. Tad’s Instagram account is under the username “1stpr3scott” and currently has 16.7K followers. So far, he’s also had more than 300 posts.
  5. He was born to the parents of Nathaniel Prescott and Peggy Prescott.
  6. Unfortunately, Peggy Prescott died in November 2013. Her family seems to love her a lot, and she’s still often mentioned in social media.
  7. He also had a brother named Jace Prescott who had also passed away. Dak said that Jace committed suicide and died in April 2020.
  8. Tad Prescott also has a daughter named KJ on his Instagram. He didn’t reveal much about his private life on his social media.
  9. Although he lived his life out of the spotlight, he appeared on various TV shows, such as the Campbell Soup Campaign with his brothers in 2019.
  10. “86Prescott” is his Twitter handle. He joined the platform in June 2013 and currently has 29.1K followers.

Facts of Tad Prescott

Name Tad Prescott
Age 30-35
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Nathaniel Prescott, Peggy Prescott
Siblings Dak Prescott, Jace Prescott
Instagram 1stpr3scott
Twitter 86Prescott