TangoTek (Thomas)

Minecraft is a strategic game that people love watching as well as playing. The streamer about whom we are going to talk about is also a Minecraft player. He is TangoTek.

The table above indicates some basic details about TangoTek. TangoTek is an American native and one of the oldest esports influencers.

Though he hasn’t revealed his educational background, we can say that his main focus was gaming from his childhood.

As of now, he is an inspiration for youngsters who want to enroll in the gaming community.

Talking about his gaming career, he found popularity as a Minecraft player. He has been playing the game since Season 2 of Minecraft.

His live streams are entertaining and worth a watch.

Net worth of TangoTek

TangoTek currently gathers a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of December 2020. The sources of his income are diverse, be it from YouTube or Twitch

10 Facts On TangoTek

  1. TangoTek is currently a Rocket Leauge, Minecraft, and Among Us Twitch streamer. He gets thousands of views while streaming live.
  2. For now, he has gathered nearly 150 thousand followers on his first-ever Twitch channel.
  3. It’s a true fact that he needs to do a lot of hard work so that he can get a well-written wiki-bio on Wikipedia.
  4. Most of his earnings are based on his Twitch followers count and YouTube subscribers.
  5. He joined Hemicraft, a popular Minecraft server, and got whitelisted in Season 2. He uploads his Minecraft gameplays on Hemicraft.
  6. You can enjoy watching him on YouTube as well. There he has nearly 900K subscribers. Hopefully, he will soon hit a million on the platform.
  7. His relationship status is unclear. Maybe he has a girlfriend or maybe he doesn’t have.
  8. Twitch star TangoTek’s real name is Thomas. He is an American gamer.
  9. However, nothing about his age is available on media portals.
  10. It has been a long since he started his esports career. He is currently signed to Team ZIT as a content creator. His net worth is unveiled.

Facts of TangoTek (Thomas)

Name TangoTek (Thomas)
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Streamer and Gamer
Twitter @TangoTekLP
Youtube Tango Tek

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