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Quick Facts of Todd Beamer

Full Name: Todd Beamer
Born Date: 24 Nov, 1968
Age: 54 years
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Stone: Turquoise
Lucky Color: Orange
Best Match for Marriage: Leo, Aquarius
Death Date: September 11, 2001
Gender: Male
Profession: Cadre
Country: United States
Marital Status: married
Married Date: May 14, 1994
Wife Lisa Brosious
Net Worth $5 Million
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Birth Place Flint, Michigan
Nationality American
Education Wheaton College
Father David Beamer
Mother Peggy Jackson Beamer
Siblings 2 (Melissa Beamer, Michele Beamer)
Kids 3 (Morgan Kay Beamer, David Beamer, Drew Beamer)
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On United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked and crashed in 2001, Todd Morgan Beamer was a passenger. One of the passengers who attempted to wrest control of the aircraft back from the hijackers was Todd Beamer.

How much is the net worth of Todd Beamer?

Todd had made a respectable living as a Cadre throughout his career. At the time of his passing, he had a $5 million net worth. However, the values of his other assets and his salary are not disclosed.

How was the childhood of Todd Beamer?

On November 24, 1968, Todd Beamer was born in Flint, Michigan. He was conceived by his parents, Peggy Jackson Beamer and David Beamer. His mother is a muralist, while his father works as a sales representative for IBM.

He also has two sisters, Melissa and Michele, who are his siblings. Before the family relocated to Poughkeepsie, New York, David worked at Amdahl, a company that manufactures computer technology, in Wheaton, Illinois. He also had American citizenship and was a Sagittarius by birth sign.

How is the career of Todd Beamer?

  • Beamer participated in sports while attending Wheaton Christian Grammar School. He played baseball, basketball, and soccer. While attending Wheaton Academy, a Christian high school, from 1983 to 1985, he excelled in the same sports.
  • He was chosen to serve as the class vice president in his junior year. After David was given the chance to become vice president of Amdahl’s California headquarters, Beamer spent his senior year at Los Gatos High School, which is situated southwest of San Jose.
  • Beamer, who wanted to play baseball professionally, majored in physical therapy while playing baseball at California State University, Fresno. However, these dreams were dashed when he was hurt in a car accident.
  • After returning to his native Illinois, he changed colleges to the Christian liberal arts institution Wheaton College. Prior to switching to business at Wheaton College, he initially majored in medicine. He continued to play baseball while still serving as the senior basketball captain. He received his diploma in 1991.

When was the death of Todd Beamer happened?

On September 11, 2001, Todd Beamer passed away in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania, in the United States. His death was primarily caused by the hijacked and wrecked plane.

Airliner 93

Up to four times every month, and often for an entire week, Beamer had to travel for work. In 2001, he had strong sales results and was rewarded with a five-day trip for himself and his wife to Italy. They returned home at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, September 10. Beamer could have left that evening for a business conference that would take place in California the next day, but he opted to stay with his wife, who was due with their third child in January.

Caption: Todd Beamer, hero of Flight 93
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The next day, he left his house at 6:15 am, taking an early flight from Newark to San Francisco, where he would meet with executives of the Sony Corporation at 1:00 pm. He then expected to take a night trip home later that day. At 8:00 am, United Flight 93 was scheduled to take off, but runway traffic held up the Boeing 757’s takeoff until 42 minutes later. Four minutes later, American Airlines Flight 11 collided with the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Nine minutes before United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower, at 9:03 a.m., United 93 was flying west over New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. At 9:25 a.m., the pilot of Flight 93 phoned Cleveland air traffic control to inquire about a warning that flashed on his aircraft’s computer screen cautioning him to “beware of cockpit intrusion.” The aircraft was then passing over eastern Ohio.

By whom was the decision made?

Cleveland controllers can hear screams three minutes later over the open airplane microphone. Shortly after, the Lebanese Ziad Samir Jarrah-led hijackers took control of the aircraft, turned off the autopilot, and gave the passengers the order to stay in their seats. We have a bomb aboard. Beamer and the other occupants of the plane were dragged into the tail. In about six minutes, the plane changed course and began to travel toward Washington, D.C.

Numerous passengers called their loved ones and informed them of the three planes that had crashed in Arlington County, Virginia, the Pentagon, and the two planes that had hit the World Trade Center in New York City. Beamer tried to call a credit card using a phone on the back of an airplane seat, but he was connected to a customer care representative who then put him in touch with Lisa Jefferson, the GTE airphone supervisor.

The decision to act was then decided by the crew and passengers. Beamer, Mark Bingham, Tom Burnett, and Jeremy Glick allegedly devised a plot to reclaim the plane from the hijackers according to cell phone conversation recordings. At some point, they broke into the cockpit and took over flying the ship.

Jefferson was told by Beamer that the squad planned to “jump on” the hijackers and shoot down the plane before they could carry out their scheme. As Beamer and Jefferson recited the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, others joined in. Then Jefferson heard a whispered exchange and heard Beamer inquire loudly, “Are you ready? Okay. Let’s move forward. Lisa Jefferson overheard Beamer’s dying words, which were these.

Commission Report

According to the 9/11 Commission Report, the voice data recorder of the airplane was found to feature recordings of English-language screams and shouts as well as hammering and smashing noises against the cockpit door. “Let’s get them!” yells one of the travelers. The hijacker shouts, “Allahu akbar.” Despite Jarrah’s repeated attempts to knock the passengers off their feet, the passengers persisted in harassing her, and at 10:02:17, a male passenger yelled, “Turn it up!” Bring it down! A split second later, a hijacker spoke.

The aircraft crashed at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at a speed of 563 mph (906 km/h), killing everyone on board. The assumed targets of the plane were either the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., both of which were 20 minutes away by air. If the plane had proceeded on to Washington, according to Vice President Dick Cheney, President George W. Bush would have given the order to shoot it down.


At the time of his death, Beamer was survived by his wife Lisa, as well as their two young sons, David, who was one, and Morgan, who was three. In a speech to a joint session of Congress and the American people on September 20, 2001, President Bush praised the bravery of United 93’s passengers and notably named Lisa Beamer, referring to him as “an exceptional man.

On November 8, Bush will use Beamer’s last-heard remarks in a speech from Atlanta, Georgia’s World Congress Center.My fellow Americans, let’s roll!” In 2002’s State of the Union address, he would repeat them: “For too long, our society has demanded, ‘If it feels good, do it.'” The new attitude and worldview that America is currently embracing is “let’s roll.”

Four months after Beamer’s death, on January 9, 2002, Morgan Kay, who was to become his daughter, was born. Following her birth, Morgan received letters from a variety of people, including the President and First Lady Laura Bush. In order to offer counseling to the devastated children of 9/11 victims and survivors, a nonprofit organization was founded in October 2001. Beamer’s closest friend, Doug Macmillan, quit his job to take on the position of Foundation administrator. Lisa Beamer and Ken Abraham wrote the book Let’s Roll! together in 2002. Ordinary People with Extraordinary Courage.

What are the honours of Todd Beamer?

Tragically, Beamer and the other occupants of Flight 93 were honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 2002. Beamer’s post office in Cranbury, New Jersey, which opened as a result of a congressional act drafted by Congressman Rush D. Holt Jr., was dedicated on May 4, 2002. The Act was ratified by President George W. Bush.

Wheaton College opened the Todd M. Beamer Center in 2003 as a means to honor alumnus Beamer. It houses Anderson Commons, Coray Alumni Gym, and the Student Center on the lower floor. That same year, Todd Beamer High School opened its doors in Federal Way, Washington. In February 2010, the Californian city of Fresno celebrated the dedication of Todd Beamer Park.

The white marble Wall of Names, finished in 2011, features Beamer’s name on a panel with the names of his 32 fellow passengers and seven crew members. The Flight 93 National Memorial, which is located near the crash site in Stonycreek Township, includes the memorial. A visitor center made of glass and concrete is also present there.

What are the more information about Todd Beamer?

On Panel S-68 in the South Pool of the National 9/11 Memorial, Beamer and the other members of Flight 93’s passengers and crew are commemorated. His two-tone Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch and an Oracle business card with his name on it were both found damaged at the crash scene and are now on display at the memorial museum.

A memorial honoring Beamer was dedicated on September 10, 2013, at Wheaton Academy. It is located on the campus next to a memorial for a former student who died in Afghanistan. On the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, fellow DePaul University alum Nicholas Hahn, III created the Todd M. Beamer Memorial Scholarship in Beamer’s honor to educate and inspire DePaul students about Beamer’s selfless example.

In Culture Today

Brennan Elliott and David Alan Basche respectively portrayed Beamer in the films United 93 and Flight 93.Beamer appears in two panels in The Amazing Spider-Man volume 2#36.

He hangs up the phone with Lisa Jefferson before attacking the cockpit. Spider-Man calls the passengers of Flight 93 “Ordinary individuals. everyday woman. refusing to submit.” After the attacks, Neil Young composed “Let’s Roll,” a song that honors Beamer from his perspective.

What is the relationship status of Todd Beamer?

Todd Beamer had a successful marriage. On May 14, 1994, he and Lisa Brosious were married in Peekskill, New York. At Wheaton College, the pair first got together in a senior seminar session. November 2, 1991 marked their first outing together. At the time of his passing, they were preparing to mark their ten-year wedding anniversary. The pair was the parents of three kids with the names Drew and Morgan Kay Beamer. His younger child’s specifics aren’t known.

Caption: Todd Beamer’s wife and kids
Source: Wall Street Journal

Beamer and Lisa worked in the Princeton Alliance Church’s youth group and Sunday school for six years. Beamer also took part in the church softball team. The Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Cubs all had him as a dedicated fan. In the year 2000, the Beamers and their two children relocated to Cranbury, New Jersey.

Social media

Upon reflection, he wasn’t active on any social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. He liked to keep his life out of the spotlight because he was a private person.


How tall is Todd Beamer?

Regarding his physical characteristics, there are no specifics available regarding his height, weight, dress size, shoe size, etc. However, based on his photographs, we can infer that he had black hair and a set of brown eyes.