Travis Cure

Travis Cure was born in Miami in 1987, however his precise date of birth is unknown. Because this performer appears to be a mystery, no specific information is available. Maria is his mother’s name, and she has always stood by his side through all of his difficulties.His father’s name is unknown. We assume it’s because of anything that happened in the past. Travis is of African-American ancestry and is a citizen of the United States.According to sources, this fitness maniac has three siblings, but no other details are available. Some reports claim he had a rough childhood, thus we can appreciate the secrecy surrounding his actions.

What is the net worth of Travis cure?

Travis cure is an aspiring actor and also a well-renowned model. This concept has been pushing fitness as a vital feature starting from own.According to published statistics, the average pay of a model is $41,955. So, we can assume how well this man makes his dollars from modeling. Travis cure net worth at this stage is expected to be $500k. An aspiring model is undoubtedly conducting marketing and commercial shoots for a particular organization. So with all this, we feel that his net worth must not come as a great surprise.

Even if the net worth is known, the quantity of annual income together with the assets owned will be updated to the readers. Whatever might be the case, Travis is clearly living a rich life with his loved ones.

Early Life and Education

Travis was born in Florida and spent much of his childhood there with his mother and brothers. There is no extensive information about youth because he seems to be focusing more on the future.On the educational background, this model was quite weak in academics. Travis completed high school in 2005 and also enrolled in Tallahassee community college in 2007.

Sadly this artist didn’t complete his graduation because he realized the fact that school was not his thing, and focusing upon modeling and fitness was something he wanted to do.

Do you kniw about the professsional life and career of Travis Cure?

Travis cure had a fair share of a nomadic career. He dropped out of college and joined the marines crops. This star served the marine corps through November 2013.With Cure departing marine corps, he was supplied with an opportunity to join any college. Later, to realize his football goal, Cure enrolled college but failed horribly in academics.

After leaving his football aspirations in tatters, this American youngster tried odd jobs to get food on a plate. At one point in time, this exceptional man worked for $11.5/hr salary. But things started to shift for him slow and steady. Travis’s trip lead him to Atlanta, and he was blessed with the modeling opportunity. There was no second thought by the man, and his sorrowful days were gone with ease.

Initially, modeling and acting came together for the man. It was in recent times his acting career soared to fame. The little number of audience highly enjoyed the skillset. In 2018 he starred in a movie named Illusion. Moreover, in the same year, this actor played in Deadly Sexy.

Some of the prominent co-stars who featured alongside Travis were Tanya Thompson, Taral Hicks, Jacinth Headlam, Tremayne Norris. Currently, Travis was featured in Lock and Key in 2019. Not only this, but other fantastic works are also available for the man. Nocturnal, Street Connected, For My Man, Paradise plays the add up duty.

For the latest initiatives, nonetheless, the actor is on the line with movies like I Wish I Never Met You and Choices. Cure is never hesitant of exploring various parts, and horror is something the actor has just finished shooting for. Cry Wolf, Meat is an example of it. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is over with director, and the post-production is going on. Looking at all of this, undoubtedly more of the movie works are bound to come for the actor.

Other from being an aspiring actor, Cure is also a model. He keeps on publishing photographs of modeling in his Instagram account and even his fitness freak figure.

Relationship status

This American actor is an amazing starting in Hollywood. Most of his followers are aware of his class in the field of performing and also modeling. He is transparent about his business life, yet all of his personal life is under the radar.

Source ;Instagram

Some of the available reports imply that Cure is already married, and he has a child with his partner. What breaks the rooftop is the revelation that Travis has two more children with two different women. In an interview, the model emphasized the fact that he wanted to take his life, as he was jobless and with loads of responsibilities.With works arriving all along and also the new networks developed, we sense the man is dating a gorgeous lady in silence. If something pops out, we will let readers updated about it.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 248k Followers

Facebook– 64k followers

Age and Body Measurement

Travis Cure was born in 1987, making him 32 years old this year. He stands at the height of 6’1″ and weighs 205 pounds. Other vital statistics are not available to the general public.

His shoe size is 11.5 and he has a lovely pair of black eyes, and his hair color is similarly black.

Travis Cure: Quick Facts

Full Name Travis Cure
Date of Birth 1987
Nickname Travis
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Miami
Ethnicity African-American
Mother Maria
Profession Actor, Model
Nationality American
Siblings 3
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Net Worth N/A

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