Unghetto Mathieu

Unghetto Mathieu is a rapper and dancer who started in the entertainment industry as a dancer with Team Nuera. In addition, the band was featured on several albums, including ‘Gang Up,’ ‘Colors,’ ‘Yeah,’ and others. Let’s know all details about his wealth, relationship status, and early Life.

Facts of Unghetto Mathieu

Full Name Unghetto Mathieu
Nationality African
Birthday 2001/1/20
Birth Country Africa
Birth Place Congo Republic
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity African
Sexual Orientation Straight

How much is the net worth of Unghetto Mathieu in 2022?

Rapper and singer Unghetto Mathieu gained notoriety as a member of Team NUREA and as a solo performer. His rap songs and dancing prowess have made him famous. Mathieu also posts his music video to his YouTube channel. Over 1.5 million people have watched the music video for his single “Gang Up” on YouTube. Additionally, his YouTube channel has more than 1.90 million subscribers.

Unghetto Mathieu is living a lavish lifestyle. Photo Source: Instagram

Additionally, the rapper joined Lil Yachty and other well-known performers on stage after signing a deal with Priority Records. Unghetto is predicted to achieve a remarkable net worth of $932k by 2022, according to sources. However, we limit our calculation to one revenue source. His fortune may be closer to $1.31 million with these new revenue streams. Similar to the Dolan Twins, another YouTuber with a $6 million fortune.

Over 3.88 million people every month watch the singer’s YouTube channel. A channel that has been monetized with advertisements receives money for each 1,000 video views. For every thousand views on their videos, YouTubers can earn between $3 and $7. According to these reports, Unghetto Mathieu makes an estimated $15.54 thousand per month or $23.07 thousand annually. As an influencer, Mathieu promotes products, accepts sponsorships, or makes money through affiliate commissions.

The status of Unghetto Mathieu’s relationships. Who Is He Dating Right Now?

Unghetto Mathieu is currently leading a solitary life. He could not have time for a romance because he is preoccupied with his profession. Unghetto Mathieu once dated Asia Pitt. They had a complex and brief relationship.

The couple briefly dated before calling it quits in 2020. Although nothing is known about the couple’s early romantic relationships, they have worked together on a number of movies. Surprisingly, with over a thousand views to date, their YouTube videos continue to attract a sizable audience. The same goes for Matt Stonie and Mei.

Unghetto Mathieu is with his friend. Photo Source: Instagram

Lavaado claims that Unghetto Pitt and Asia Pitt started dating in the early 2020s. In a video titled “Loyalty Test,” Asia put her devotion to her partner to the test. He shares a lot of interests on YouTube with Unghetto’s girlfriend. She has about 105k Instagram followers and 55.5k YouTube subscribers.

Time would eventually separate them even though they had been inseparable before. While taking a “Lie Detector test,” Mathieu revealed that they had broken up on his YouTube channel. In a video that was published in October 2020, he urged his followers to refrain from asking him about relationships. Unghetto and Asia are currently no longer together and lead separate lives. Almost definitely, this will result in a better career and a better future.

Wiki/Bio of Unghetto Mathieu

Mathieu Unghetto was born in the Congo Republic on January 20, 2000. His present age is 22, and he is of African descent. His parents’ identities are a mystery. He belongs to the All-American race.

Unghetto Mathieu is 22-year-old. Photo Source: Instagram

His siblings include Carmel, Joshua, Gloria, and Benny Imprint. King Imprint, his younger brother, is a rising YouTube celebrity. They have a library of films. His credentials and educational history are unknown.

The 22-year-old has over 393k followers on Instagram, where she is extremely well-known. He also serves as a model for many Instagram accounts. Additionally, Mathieu creates entertaining videos and dance choreography on his Instagram account, which receives millions of views.