Vishal Kumar Jha

About Bullibai App Case – Vishal Kumar Jha Wiki / Bio

Full Real Name Vishal Kumar Jha
Nickname Vishal
Popular for Connection with Bulli Bai App Developers/Creators
Age (as of 2021) 21 years old.
Profession Civil Engineering
Date of Birth between 2000
Place of Birth Bihar
Current Residence Bengaluru
Education Pursuing Civil Engineering
Alma Mater Dayananda Dagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru.
Net worth Not Known
Nationality Indian
Caste Bihari
Religion Hindu
Zodiac Sign Not Known

Indian engineering student Vishal Kumar Jha was born in 2000, making him 21 years old. After being detained on January 4 for his involvement in the Bulli bai App case, he recently gained notoriety. Numerous politicians have been involved in the debate since his detention.

What is the Vishal Kumar Jha’s net worth?

Vishal Kumar Jha  has an estimated net worth in around $3 milllion.

Childhood and education

The suspect in the Bulli Bai app case, according to Vishal Kumar Jha’s wiki Mr. Vishal Kumar, who is claimed to be from Bihar, is now 21 years old, and when he was detained on several allegations, he had just finished his second year of engineering. He attends Bengaluru’s Dayananda Dagar College of Engineering.

Vishal was arrested, therefore the college administration must now decide whether to suspend him from the institution or allow him to continue his studies if he is eventually found not guilty by the law. It is said that following his arrest, he attended college like a regular student and had a 60 percent attendance rate according to the statistics.

He was in his classroom and participating in the lesson when the Mumbai police detained him. On the other side, the girl from Uttarakhand who is also detained is the case’s major accuse. The arrested girl just finished her 12th grade. According to reports, Vishal and the unidentified girl had been linked for the past six months.

Family background

Data about Vishal Kumar Jha Since his arrest, no comprehensive information regarding the Vishal Kumar family has been released to the media. But it’s said that his father works for the government. There is currently no more information known regarding his siblings. Furthermore, it is said that the girl detained in connection with the Bulli Bai app issue is the sister of two other siblings.


Her mother had already passed away since 2011 due to cancer, while her father had previously passed away from COVID-19. Among the three sisters, the girl is thought to be second. One of her sisters has a degree in commerce, while the other is a student in class ten. Vishal was transported to Mumbai by the Mumbai police after being detained outside of his college.

Do you know about the Bullibai App Developer & Career of Vishal Kumar Jha?

Everyone is looking up Vishal’s job and prior connections after he was jailed. But let us tell you the truth: He is not on any social media platforms, and when he was caught, a black cloth was covering his face.

Nobody has ever seen his face and is unaware of his genuine work until now. The only information that is currently accessible about his job is that he was an engineering student and was acquainted with those who created the Bulli bai app.

 Relationships  status

Jha might have developed a romantic relationship with any girl in the engineering college where he was studying civil engineering in Bengaluru. However, nobody is certain if he is in love or not. But the fact that the other accused in this instance is a girl indicates that he is particularly interested in forming relationships with women. And if he is subsequently found guilty in the case, it will be rather obvious that he considers forging relationships with females and using them.


Kumar, Vishal Jha Explains the Bulli Bai App Controversy

Police commissioner in Mumba,Source;Instagram

A photo of a few ladies (mainly Muslim) went viral on social media at the end of December with the hashtags “bullideals” and “sullideals.” And since then, there has been further disagreement. The Bulli App was developed on January 1st or a few days earlier, according to the photographs supplied by the app’s developers. A group of Indians who built the app are being detained by authorities one by one. This app was developed by them to deceive users and boost their financial gain.

The app’s primary goal was to sell Indian women at auction and make money by trapping users.

All of the events planned through the app were fraudulent and made by cybercriminals to trick people into thinking they would acquire the woman after paying subscription fees.

However, no actual auction incidence has been documented since the matter was brought up. The authorities banned the app and detained the three defendants in this case after the posts from this app were posted on several social media platforms, one of whom is Vishal Kumar Jha, about whom we have written here.

Vishal posted an offensive photo from his laptop and mobile device, according to a Bengaluru IPS officer. He claimed that the man suspected of being the app’s founder was the one who had arrested him. He was editing and uploading the images of women.

Vishal Kumar Jha Information

  • The Cyber Crime Branch of India also blocked the Bulli bai App Channel on Telegram, which targeted Hindu women.
  • When Vishal Kumar was appeared in court, he was shown in images from the media wearing only his slippers and no shoes.
  • Vishal Kumar Jha’s side is being represented by attorney D.Prajapati.

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