Wazir Begum

Facts of Wazir Begum

Full Name: Wazir Begum
Gender: Female
Country: India
Husband Great Gama
Married Great Gama
Status Married
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Islam

Late Wazir Begum rose to prominence in the media as the wife of the late Great Gama, an Indian wrestler.

What is the Net worth of Wazir Begum’s Husband?

At the time of his death, Wazir Begum ‘s husband, The Great Gama, was estimated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. From his professional career as an Indian wrestler, he was able to amass this sum of money. Gama is content with the money he earns through his professional endeavors.

The Great Gama in the frame
Caption: The Great Gama in the frame (Photo: For the power-seekers)

He was also content with his job and financial situation. Similarly, a wrestler’s average wage was roughly $51,537. As a result, we can assume that his long-term career paid him the same amount.

Short Bio of Wazir Begum

Wazir Begum was introduced to this world in India by Wazir Begum. Wazir was an Indian citizen with a mixed ethnic background when he was younger. Similarly, she used to be a believer and follower of Islam.

Who was Wazir Begun’s Husband?

Wazir Begum was a happily married woman. She and her partner, The Great Gama aka Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt, exchanged marriage vows. By profession, her late husband was an Indian wrestler.

Wazir Begum with her husband
Caption: Wazir Begum with her husband (Photo: S[potrsavour)
They tied their marital vows after being in a relationship for a few years. They were both ecstatic about their marriage. Their marriage, however, did not survive indefinitely. Gama, her husband, left this wonderful world in 1960. She then devoted the rest of her life working with children.

Who are the Children of Wazir Begum?

Wazir and Gama have nine children together (five sons and four daughters). All of the sons perished at a young age. Their youngest son, Jalaluddin, was born in the year 1945. He died when he was thirteen years old.

Wazir Begum – Body Stats

Gama stood at a towering 5 feet 9 inches tall. His entire body weight was also approximately 110 kg. Also, His physical measurements were 42-34-14.5 inches in total. His eyes were black, and his hair was black.

Who lifted 1200 kg stone?

The Great Gama hauled a stone weighing 1,200 kilograms in 1902. He was 20 years old at the time, and the stone is now on exhibit at the Baroda Museum. It took 25 workers and a machine to move that stone.

How did Gama Pehalwan died?

At the age of 82, the Great Gama left our wonderful world. His death was primarily due to heart problems. Gama died on the 23rd of May 1960, just one day after his birthday.

 Great Gama's death
Caption: Great Gama’s death (Photo: Starsunfolded)

Was Bruce Lee fan of Gama Pehalwan?

Yes, Bruce Lee was a die-hard fan of late The Great Gama’s workout routine. Bruce used to read stories about Gama’s exercises and how he used them. “The cat stretch” and “the squat” are two of the training routines.

Did Google celebrate The Great Gama’s birthday?

On the 144th anniversary of Gama’s birth, Google created a Doodle with a comment on May 22, 2022.

“Gama’s legacy continues to inspire modern day fighters. Even Bruce Lee is a known admirer and incorporates aspects of Gama’s conditioning into his own training routine!”

Professional Career of Gama Pehalwan

  • Gama began his career as an Indian wrestler.
  • He was also famous as the undefeated wrestling champion of the world in the early 20th century.
 Great Gama during his match
Caption: Great Gama during his match (Photo: Omilights)
  • He had also defeated some of the most respected grapplers in the world including “Doc” Benjamin Roller of the United States, Maurice Deriaz of Switzerland,
  • Johann Lemm (the European Champion) of Switzerland as well. Gama won over five thousand matches.
  • In the year 1929 Gama beat Jesse Petersen.

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