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Quick Facts

Stage name Arthur Gunn
Real Name Dibesh Pokharel
Birthplace Kathmandu, Nepal
Current residence        Wichita, Kansas
Date of birth 25 years old
Horoscope Scorpio
Parents Datram and Maiya Pokharel
Marital status Unmarried
Siblings Rupa, Rubi, and Supriya Pokharel
Education Not Available

Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, narrated his dream journey from the country of hopes to the land of opportunities. He was just one of many immigrants in the country, but American Idol (AI) put him on the map. His stage name is Arthur Gunn.

American Idol’s 18th season saw him reach the finals, but he also won so many hearts worldwide. Arthur’s voice was heard loud and clear because of the AI family.

Audiences predicted he would be one of the finalists when his audition video appeared on the internet. However, in his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, the young lad made everyone proud, including his supporters.

How much is the Net worth of Arthur?

There is no verified information available regarding Arthur Gunn ‘s earnings, possessions, or net worth. About these incidents, his personal information is being reviewed. He will soon become well-known and wealthy thanks in large part to the success of American Idol.

Childhood: Where was Arthur Gunn born?

Nepal, a little nation in Asia, is where Arthur Gunn was born. He was conceived on October 24, 1997, in Kathmandu, the nation’s capital. His parents named him Dibesh Pokharel, and he went by that name for a sizable amount of time. Pokharel is the moniker he goes by. Arthur was a young boy who was adored and looked for by every member of the Pokharel family.

The sole child of Maiya and Datram Pokharel is Datram Pokharel. As the sole sibling to his three sisters, Rubi, Rupa, and Supriya, he was always showered with love. Arthur acquired English at a young age in his local school. In addition, Arthur has always had a deep affinity for music. Heavily contributing to the development of his musical passion was his mother.

Even as a gift, she gave him his first guitar. He is a very lucky child! During the years, Arthur viewed online foreign reality programs. One of his favorite online television programs to watch was American Idol. Let’s pause for a moment to express our gratitude to the internet. In his teenage years, he watched the show online, and in 2020, we saw him on the program.

How is the Personality of Arthur Gunn?

It seems sense that you would be interested in this amazing artist’s personal life because he is such an intriguing human being. Dibesh Pokharel, also known as Arthur Gunn, has an introverted personality. He expresses a lot of emotion while singing but does not speak much. He was raised in a family from Nepal. Also, he is, however, a totally different guy today than he was in his boyhood home.

There are different cultures everywhere you look. He doesn’t share a lot of personal information with the public. But as time goes by, we want to find out more about him. Arthur is a creative and upbeat person. Together with his excellent love of nature, he also has a surprising and admirable love of the water. Arthur prefers to capture life’s moments with photographs. Most of what draws him to the world is creative. He enjoys quieter aspects of things.

The Journey from Nepal to Wichita, Kansas.

In 2008, Arthur’s sisters relocated to Wichita, Kansas, leaving the 11-year-old behind in Nepal while he was still enrolled in school there. Arthur finished his education away from his family in Nepal, and in 2014 he relocated to Wichita. His parents moved to Wichita, Kansas, after him, and his entire family then began residing there.

Arthur first became interested in bluegrass and country music in Wichita. His interest in such musical genres expanded after that. He discovered new concepts and musical preferences while making new musician buddies. The beginning was only the beginning for the upbeat Arthur.

Then he performed on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as at Ocean City, Maryland, for one entire summer. Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Mississippi John Hurt, and John Lee Hooker are just a few of the renowned musicians who inspired and had an impact on him.

Pokharel to Arthur for the World

Dibesh Pokharel’s transformation into Arthur Gunn did not happen overnight. To get to this point, he had to possess a lot of bravery, talent, hard effort, and perseverance. Arthur started singing at a very young age as a hobby. Yet after migrating to the USA, his pastime became his obsession. Arthur eventually came to understand the benefits that music could have for him when he began singing in bars and coffee shops, traveled, and performed in street shows.

He released “Grahan,” his debut album, in 2018. (eclipse in English). There were eight songs total in the compilation, all of them were in Nepali. “Nyano Ghar” (Warm House), one of the album’s songs, earned a great deal of praise. Everyone in Nepal, from children to adults, is familiar with the song’s lyrics.

As we can see, he gained a lot of notoriety following his performance on the American Idol stage. Following American Idol, his YouTube subscribers increased from 70,000 in February 2020 to 230,000 in April 2020. Becoming the runner-up in the competition is like the cherry on top, too. The record labels undoubtedly want to sign the fresh talent as quickly as possible, aren’t they?

It would be an understatement to say that American Idol contestant Arthur Gunn is only at the beginning of his enormous stardom. He’s going to write a lot of excellent songs in the future, songs that will serve as a constant reminder of what a talented musician he is.

How was his Journey in an American Idol?

The first runner-up of the 18th season of American Idol was a Nepalese immigrant living in the United States named Arthur Gun. Only Sam overtook him and won the season championship. However, Arthur Gunn ended up winning people’s hearts. The instant he started singing on the American Idol stage, the audience knew he had what it took to succeed. And after hearing him sing, the judges themselves were in amazement.

Lionel Richie, one of the judges, even remarked that Arthur reminded him of the legendary Bob Marley. Arthur entered a 2019 American Idol online audition after being persuaded by his buddies. The AI brand invited him to the in-person audition in Wichita in September after being impressed by his online performance.

Arthur Gunn
Arthur Gunn in an American Idol. Via celebcritics.com

He performed “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival at his audition. The judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryant, and Lionel Richie were able to recognize the burgeoning star’s potential based just on this song. After several shows, Arthur began to win over the judges and the hordes of viewers who were tuning in from all around the world.

He wasn’t a stranger anymore. He became well-known overnight because to American Idol. The audition was only the beginning. He performed on two more stages, the Hollywood Week and the Hawaiian Showcase, where he further enthralled everyone. The COVID-19 situation delayed the show’s schedule, but Arthur and the other competitors continued to compete from their homes.

The twenty contestants were all given access to the necessary tools, thanks to the producers. It was broadcast online. Fans might nevertheless take in the performance of their hidden competitors. As Arthur placed in the top 5 at the live finale, he made everyone proud of his native country. He performed “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” as his final song on American Idol to cap off his time there. The winner was only Sam, with Arthur coming in as the first runner-up.

What is the Meaning of his Stage Name, Arthur Gunn?

Dibesh Pokharel is how many of Arthur’s pals still refer to him. He didn’t choose the moniker Arthur Gunn until he became more serious about music. About the time he began recording his original music in 2018, Dibesh adopted the stage name Arthur Gunn. He has so far benefited from the name.

The background of this moniker connects to his passion for creativity and the arts. Arthur, a huge admirer of the arts, was unaware of the deeper significance of his stage name until much later. That was a moniker he quickly came up with using information from several dimensions.

The words “Art,” “Hur,” and “Gunn” make up Arthur Gunn, where art is all about creation, “Hur” is derived from the biblical name Hur, which means hole, and Gunn is akin to combat. The name Arthur Gunn, in essence, denotes “a creative battle.” It makes sense why the name is perfect for the vocalist.

Is Arthur Gunn in a Relationship?

Are you curious about the person who might have stolen the star’s heart after she won millions of them? Well, well, Dibesh looks to be lacking something right now, friends and admirers. The singing sensation is presumably currently unattached.

Arthur Gunn - Girl from the north country (Bob Dylan Cover) - YouTube
Arthur Gunn is likely to be single. via YouTube

If Arthur was in a relationship, it might be a relief to anyone who might otherwise experience heartbreak. Despite all of that, the specifics of Arthur’s love life have not yet been revealed to the public. Hence, it’s possible that our assumption that Arthur Gunn is currently single is incorrect. Whatever the situation, the young man hasn’t yet made his dating life public.

Social Media Presence

Arthur Gunn uses social media like any other young person in this day and age. Together with Twitter, he also uses Instagram. His 318K+ follower official Instagram account is a delight for his fans. The images that appear on his profile are sufficient to demonstrate his artistic side. These images demonstrate his amazing photographic talent.

Arthur used the platform to interact with his followers after American Idol. Arthur has around 28K followers on Twitter, which is slightly fewer than his following on Instagram. It is evident that young people worldwide are generally Arthur’s fans.

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