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Quick Facts

Full Name Deva Cassel
Birthday September 12, 2004
Age 18 years old
Sun Sign Virgo
Traits Positive: Practical, Sensible, Honest, and Loyal
Negative: Overly critical, Stubborn, and Easily frustrated
Birthplace Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Parent’s Name Vincent Cassel (father)
Monica Bellucci (mother)
Height 5′ 7″.
Weight 123.5 lbs
Hair Color Dark Black
Eye Color Hazel
Marital Status In a relationship
Boyfriend Luca Salandra
Profession Fashion Model, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur
Net Worth USD 1-3 million (approximately)
Social media Instagram

Deva Cassel is the daughter of the famous Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci and the French actor, Vincent Cassel. Deva is a French-Italian fashion model, businesswoman, and social media influencer from Rome, Italy, in addition to being the offspring of well-known actors.

At the tender age of 14, Deva Cassel accepted the position of Dolce Shine ambassador. As a model, Deva has collaborated with many well-known companies.

She has appeared on the covers of renowned magazines like Harper Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and others. She works as a model full-time for the upscale Italian clothing brand Dolce & Gabbana.

How much is the Net worth of Deva Cassel?

Over the past two years, the appealing brunette has been employed by the Italian business. Deva Cassel thus not only contributes her face to the “Dolce” perfume advertisements, but also radiates glamour at the house’s fashion events. Cassel apparently signed a modeling contract with D&G as well. Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and other magazines have all featured her on their covers.

Monica Bellucci's daughter Deva Cassel wears lilac floral dress as she  films advert | Daily Mail Online
Monica Bellucci’s daughter Deva Cassel wears lilac floral dress as she films advert. Via Daily Mail Online

Deva Cassel’s net worth as of 2023 ranges from $1 million to $3 million USD. Also, as of 2023, her mother Monica Bellucci’s net worth is USD 45 million and her father Vincent Cassel’s net worth is USD 40 million.

Early Years and Family: How old is Deva Cassel currently?

On September 12, 2004, Deva Cassel, a well-known Italian beauty, was born in Rome. She will be 18 years old in 2023. She was a Virgo by birth and hails from a well-known family. Deva Cassel Cassel is a young man of White ancestry who practices Christianity. She is of Italian descent on her mother’s side and French and Corsican Italian ancestry on her father’s side.

Young Deva Cassel
Young Deva Cassel Via celebcritics.com

Léonie Cassel, her younger sister, was born on May 21, 2010, and Amazonie Cassel, her half-sister, was born in 2019. She values having time to spend with her family and siblings. Deva Bellucci, the eldest child of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, made the decision to pursue modeling while still in high school.

According to reports, Deva finished her schooling at a prestigious Italian institution. She then concentrated on expanding her modeling career. Despite the fact that her parents are well-known actors, Deva Cassel has been able to carve out a career for herself as a model and brand muse. The young lady is working on earning her bachelor’s degree while continuing her studies.

Who are the Parents of Deva Cassel?

Monica Bellucci (Mother)

The celebrated actress, model, and voice actress Monica Bellucci was born in Citta di Castello on September 30, 1964. One of the most stunning women alive is Monica Bellucci, the mother of Deva Cassel. In 1990, she made her stage debut with the Platane and rose to fame with Vita Coi Figli.

Monica Bellucci
Her Mother, Monica Bellucci Via celebcritics.com

This actress has lent her voice to a number of well-known films, including Na Quebrada, Memory, The Matrix Resurrections, The Man Who Sold His Skin, The Best Years of Our Lives, On the Milky Road, and Necrotic, to name a few.

For her efforts, Monica has received honors from the Torino Film Festival, the Magritte Awards, the David di Donatello Awards, the San Sebastián International Film Festival, and the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.

Vincent Cassel (Father)

Vincent Cassel has established a reputation for himself as an actor and filmmaker. On November 23, 1966, he was born in Paris, France. On La Belle Anglaise in 1988, Vincent Cassel made his television debut. There was no turning back to this actor after that point.

He has since made appearances in a variety of films and television shows, including Astrix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, A Friendly Story, Westworld, Underwater, the Specials, Default, The Emperor of Paris, The Great Mystical Circus, Black Tide, The World Is Yours, and many others.

Do you Know about the Relationship between Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel?

On the set of their 1996 film The Apartment, Deva Cassel’s parents first met. Deva’s father proposed to her mother after they had been dating for three years, and the two wed in 1999. Deva and Leonie Cassel, two adorable girls, were born to them throughout their marriage. The couple made their divorce filing public on August 26, 2013, after 14 years of marriage.

It was terrible for them that their divorce was later formally finalized. On August 24, 2018, Deva’s father remarried Tina Kunakey, a French model who was 21 at the time. Vincent’s second marriage gave birth to Amazonie Cassel on April 19, 2019. Deva’s mother Monica previously wed Claudio Carlos Basso in 1990.

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci
Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci Via celebcritics.com

Sadly, their union did not survive long; in 1992, just two years after they had been married, they filed for divorce. Deva enjoys a close bond with both of her parents. She claimed that while shooting the “Muse” magazine cover, “I have always thought of my parents as mum and dad ever since I was a young child.

My family has always encouraged me to pursue my goals, including modeling. My parents support me at work and are very protective of me. Although I am in awe of their skill and, of course, immensely proud of all they have accomplished, they remain in my eyes the same.

What is the Professional Career of Deva Cassel?

From a very young age, Deva Cassel made the decision to pursue modeling, much like her mother. She began modeling after high school and co-starred on a Vogue cover with her mother. Early in her career, she worked with a number of renowned modeling agencies and was appointed the Dolce Shine brand ambassador.

Nevertheless, her parents are pleased with the beginning of her profession; as Monica Belucci noted,

“I suppose she wanted to prove to herself that she could enter the world of work, that she had the capacity to evolve alongside adults, and that she was able to manage all of this.”

Monica Bellucci and her daughter on the Vogue cover
Monica Bellucci and her daughter, Deva Cassel on the Vogue cover Via celebcritics.com

Deva Cassel has also appeared in a lot of advertisements for well-known goods. Also, she published her first Instagram post in July 2020, and at the time, she had no idea how many people would fall in love with her.

She currently has a large following, and ever since she rose to prominence on Instagram, various well-known companies have contacted her to assist them in promoting their products through her posts and videos.

She has also contributed to a wide range of renowned companies and periodicals, including Gabbana, Harper’s Bazaar, Muse, Dior, Harper’s Bazaar, D&G, Vogue, and many others.

Deva Cassel Has A Lack Of Interest In Cinemas

She tells “Vanity Fair,

“When I was younger, I didn’t prioritize doing movies. I had no interest in this job. But I’m giving it more and more serious thought. It will move gradually. My parents give me advice, but they also support my decision-making.”

According to speculations, a shooting could take place in September of next year. She likes to browse social media accounts dedicated to fashion or ornamental arts. A great way to cultivate your sense of beauty and “establish yourself as a model”.

Deva Cassel now
Deva Cassel modeling career Via celebcritics.com

What is the Relationship Status of Deva Cassel?

Being a member of a well-known family, Deva enjoys a life of fame. Everyone is naturally interested in her personal relationships and love life. She is dating Italian and French model Luca Salandra, according to her social media posts and confessions. In a few months, Deva Cassel and her partner will travel hundreds of miles to France.

Deva Cassel and her partner, Luca Salandra Cassel, said in the June issue of Vanity Fair that they would be spending some time exploring other countries. During a “gap year” with her beau, she will cross the Atlantic Ocean to New York. Deva Cassel advises that she “take stock” of her life and determine what she truly wants to do with it.

Deva Cassel with her boyfriend, Luca Salandra
Deva Cassel with her boyfriend, Luca Salandra Via celebcritics.com

According to Madame Figaro’s articles, the young woman got the travel bug from Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

“I became adaptable. Even if it’s not always simple, I find that it really facilitates my ability to balance my several obligations today. My artistic skills have always been praised. If so, I owe it to these constant wanderings that compel you to push your boundaries, not be frightened, and have the ability to make decisions.”

Body Measurement: How tall is Deva Cassel?

It should be noted that Deva resembles her mother, Monica Bellucci, quite a bit. Vivian Cassel and Monica Bellucci are strikingly similar in many ways, including their mesmerizing elegance, long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, angular faces, and gorgeous proportions.

Monica Bellucci daughter looks like her
Deva Cassel looks like her mother, Monica Bellucci Via celebcritics.com

She is attractive and will be able to achieve even more in the days ahead thanks to her father’s charisma and her mother’s beauty, which will help her modeling career.

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