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Quick Facts

Full Name Julio Cesar Alvarez
Nickname Julion Alvarez
Birthdate April 11, 1983
Age  39 years old
Sun Sign Aries
Traits Positive: Leader, confident, and generous
Negative: Attention seeker, arrogant, and stubborn
Birthplace La Concordia, Chiapas, Mexico
Currently residing Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Hair color Black
Eyes color Black
Marital Status Married
Spouse Name  Nathaly Fernandez (wife)
Profession  Singer
Net Worth $5 million (approx.)
Social media Twitter

Julion Alvarez is a Mexican singer widely known for his amazing songs such as Ni Diablo Ni Santo, Mis Idolos, Hoy Mis Amigos, and many more.

Due to his outstanding voice and love from the fans, this singer has been getting a lot of awards and recognition. Julion Alvarez was once nominated for reputed awards such as the Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards.

How much is the Net worth of Julion Alvarez?

Julion Alvarez is a successful musician that works hard to create incredible songs one after another. Also, Julion frequently travels to upscale locations for concerts. Alvarez’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $5 million, according to sources.

Julion Alvarez's Music Is Back on Spotify After Ban by Authorities –  Billboard
Julion Alvarez Net worth 2023 Via Billboard

Young Adulthood and Childhood: What is the Meaning of his name?

Julio Cesar Alvarez, the renowned singer, is his real name. His name means “Jove’s child” and was given to him in Mexico. In the renowned Mexican city of La Concordia in the state of Chiapas, Julio was nurtured. 1983 marked the year of his birth.

Julio Cesar childhood photo
Julion Alvarez childhood photo Via celebcritics.com

Alvarez celebrates his birthday on the eleventh day of April each year. This singer is an Aries, according to the zodiac. This indicates that Julio loves to be in charge and is an attention-seeker. They can, however, occasionally be obstinate and insist on carrying out their desired course of action.

Who is the Wife of Julion Alvarez?

This well-known singer is wed. In 2011, he got married to the lovely Nathaly Fernandez. Similarly, Nathaly was previously married to Oro Valentin Elizalde, another musician. He was assassinated at the age of 27 in an ambush by the drug trafficking organization Los Zetas and is known as El Gallo de Oro.

Julion Alvarez and Nathaly Fernandez wedding picture collage
Julion Alvarez and Nathaly Fernandez’s wedding picture collage Via celebcritics.com

Julion Alvarez | Banda MS

He sang as a vocalist with the Banda MS in 2003. The singer left the group in 2007 to start a solo career after spending several years there. Banda MS is another name for Sergio Lizárraga’s Banda Sinaloense MS. The word “MS” stands for Mazatlan Sinaloa in the name. Alberto and Sergio Lizarraga, brothers, made the initial discovery of the group.

Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga
Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga Via celebcritics.com

No podrás (2004), Yo Mayor Anhelo (2005), La Raza Contenta (2006), Ecuela de Rancho, and numerous other songs have been successfully released by the band. The band’s members have been significantly shifting, but they are continually producing new songs for the music industry. The band is now run by talented individuals.

Oswaldo Silvas (Walo), Jairo Osuna, Pavel Ocampo, Elas Nordahl Pia, David Castro Lejarza, Ricardo Nordahl Pia, Nicolás Tiznado, José Osuna, Armona, Francisco Hernández, José Viera, José Rojas, Roberto Frausto, Christian Osuna, and Luis Fernando Osuna are a few among them.

List of Songs

Songs Year
Corazón mágico 2007
En Vivo Desde Mazatlan 2008
Cumbia del río 2009
Corridos Privados 2009
Corridos 2009
Corridos Con Banda 2010
Ni Lo Intentes 2010
Ni Lo Intentes 2010
Ni lo intentes 2010
Vive Grupero, El Concierto Julián Álvarez Y Su Norteño Banda 2011
Márchate y olvídame 2012
Tu amigo nada más 2013
Soy Lo Que Quiero:…Indispensable 2014
El aferrado 2015
La Más Completa Collecion 2015
Mis Ídolos, Hoy Mis Amigos!!! 2015
Ni Diablo, Ni Santo 2017
Este Soy Yo 2019
Incomparable 2021

What is the Professional Career of Julion Alvarez?

Julion formed his own band, Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteo Banda, after quitting Band MS. He was thrilled to be chosen by Miguel Anger Fox in 2014. He is the creator of the Mexican talent competition La Voz… Mexico, for those who are unfamiliar. In the fourth season, he was hired as a coach, and he and Guido Rochin took home the trophy.

Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteño Banda
Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteño Banda Via celebcritics.com

Awards and recognition

The 2015 Latin American Music Awards went to Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteo Banda and Y fue Asi for Best Regional Mexican Band, Pair, or Group and Favorite Regional Mexican Single, respectively. Later in 2017, Julion Alvarez received the Lo Nuestro Award for Regional Mexican Male Musician of the Year and Banda Artist of the Year.

The Lo Nuestro Award went to Y Fue Asi for Regional Mexican Song of the Year, just like in 2016. Ni Diablo Ni Santo, the singer’s album, was also a Grammy Award nominee for Best Regional Mexican Music Album.

Julion Alvarez was Involved in Drug Trafficking.

The musician was charged with connections to the Flores drug trafficking networks and drug lord Raul Flores Hernandez in 2017. In accordance with the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury designated Alvarez as a substantial overseas trafficker (Kingpin Act).

Together with him, 21 other people—including Rafael Marquez, a soccer player—were found guilty. It is the greatest Kingpin Act case against the Mexican drug cartel network to date, according to sources. The singer acknowledged that he had nothing to do with this. Yet in La Camella, now a bar in Guadalajara, Alvarez once met Raul.

Alvarez further asserted that when he first met Raul, who was a concert producer, he was unaware that Raul was a drug dealer. Additionally, he said that the Kingpin had no need of him and was not his business partner.

Why is Julion Alvarez not available on YouTube and Spotify?

Julion is having a difficult time persuading his fans because of drug allegations. Also, the artist is having trouble getting his music out there on various channels. Unexpectedly, the two most widely used digital sites, Spotify and YouTube, have chosen to terminate their official accounts there.

Julion Alvarez singing
Julion Alvarez singing Via celebcritics.com/

Because of this, Julion does not have an official page on such a platform. Sadly, it seems that the singer won’t be able to promote his abilities and originality on this platform for a while.

Julion Alvarez is banned in the USA.

The Mexican singer’s career has suffered considerably as a result of the United States Department of Treasury accusing him of laundering drug money. Regrettably, one of them is currently being prohibited in the United States.

Julion admitted that he hired an officer to look into the individual who had criticized him because he wanted to get revenge. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Christian Nodal Y Alvarez ceased to be friends as a result of Alvarez’s accusation. In order to protect his reputation, he kept his distance from the boxer as well. Even while his country has found a solution, another one is not yet prepared to accept him.

Social Media Presence

Alvarez joined the Twitter platform in February of 2013. Until now, this singer has gathered more than 928.3k flowers in his account. You can follow him on the link below.

Twitter: 928.3k followers


Why does Spotify not have Julion Alvarez?

Because of alleged drug money laundering, Spotify and YouTube have decided to ban the singer on these platforms.

Why did Julion Alvarez get Canceled?

Due to alleged tyes with drug Kingpin Raul Flores Hernandez, Julion is getting canceled.

Where is Julion Alvarez from?

This renonwed singer is from La Concordia, Chiapas, Mexico.

Does Julion Alvarez have Instagram?

He used to have Instagram, but Julión Álvarez has kept his distance from social media platforms due to the controversy.

How old is Julio Alvarez?

In 2022, Julión Álvarez is 39 years old as he was born on 11 April 1983.

Is Julión Álvarez married?

Yes, this singer is happily married to Nathaly Fernandez.

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