Zied Hakimi

Zied Hakimi is one of the 90 Days Fiance participants. If you’re wondering what the most remarkable feature of his profile is, look no further. The following article may pique your attention. Zied is well-known for his connection with a woman who is 22 years his senior. To learn more about the celebrity, continue reading.

Table of Bio/Wiki

What is the net worth of Zied Hakimi?

Zied Hakimi has  financial situation is unclear to the general public. There is no formal record that can verify for his actual profits. He has also recently moved away from his hometown and is adapting into a new environment, therefore he has no source of income. As a result, determining his net worth is difficult.Whereas Zied’s riches is a complete mystery, Rebecca’s is not. The reality television star amassed a staggering $5 million net worth. From her successful career records, she was able to snag a wealthy slogan.

Childhood and early years

Zied was born in Tunis, Tunisia, and was reared as a Tunisian. He was born in the year 1994 and is 26 years old. At the present, tracing his exact birth facts is difficult. Similarly, he is a Tunisian ethnic group member. Zied’s educational background is unknown because he has not shared it with the media.

Do you know about the professional life and career of Zied Hakimi?

Zied asks his wife, Rebecca, for money in one of the tapes. It does, however, provide us some insight into his profession. He does not have a job right now. His previous employment history is unknown. Much of the Tunisian man’s early life has been kept under wraps. Zied is well known for his connection with his girlfriend, who later became his wife, and the K-Visa he received from her. The extent of Zied’s fortune is unknown. He, on the other hand, is savoring his wife’s royal treatment.

90 Day Fiance’s Zied Hakimi and his wife, Rebecca Parrott| Source: Soap Dirt

 Relationship status

Zied Hakimi and his wife, Rebecca Parrott| Source: Instagram

Zied tells a compelling love story. His wife, Rebecca Parrott, and he met through online dating sites. They fall in love with one other in a short amount of time. 90 Day Fiance, a TLC internet show, chronicles their ups and downs in their relationship. Zied and Rebecca married on April 19, 2020 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, proving naysayers and haters wrong. They’re getting on with their lives as husband and wife. Rebecca has three children from her former marriage, which she had with three men. Zied, on the other hand, was not married prior to his marriage to Rebecca.

family background

Zied’s family life is not as glamorous as his professional life. They are spending the rest of their lives in their native land. In addition, he has kept his childhood a secret. He does, however, have a sister whose identity has yet to be revealed on social media.

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott on the screen of 90 Day Fiance| Source: Instagram

Body measurements

In contrast to Zied’s partner, he has a tall personality. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is his optimum height. However, he does not appear to be the type who would like lifting the weight. Zied is a black-haired man. His eyes are a pale gray tone as well.

Zied Hakimi Wikis

REAL NAME Zied Hakimi
BIRTHPLACE Tunis, Tunisia
MARRIED/WIFE Rebecca Parrott
NET WORTH $5 million
PARENTS Not Disclosed
SIBLINGS Not Disclosed

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