Zion Broadnax

Zion Broadnax Wiki, Bio, Age & Birthdate

Zion Broadnax Wiki
Birth Name Zion Broadnax
Popular Name Zion
Date of Birth 15th December 2010
Age (as of 2022) 11 years
Popular for Working as a child actor in Hollywood movies
Language English
School Local School in her hometown
Education Pursuing School education
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA.
Current Residence Los Angeles, CA.

Zion Broadnax is an American child artist who was born on December 15, 2010, making him 11 years old. Zion has always suited every part in TV episodes and movies she has played best when working as a kid actress. Since she won her first Emmy for supporting actress last month, she has gained notoriety. She recently wrapped up filming for the next “Day Shift” Netflix film.

What is the Zion Broadnax’s net worth?

Zion Broadnax,According to Zion’s earnings statistics,  has used the money she has earned from her acting profession to support her parents’ lifestyle. She has received millions of dollars in compensation for playing memorable child characters in her films. Zion currently has a respectable net worth of $2.5 million USD.

Zion Broadnax: who is he?

You may watch young actress Zion Broadnax in the upcoming Day Shift on Netflix. On August 12, 2022, her movie “Day Shift” will be released. She shared the screen with renowned actor Jamie Foxx while portraying the character “Paige.” According to Netflix, this film will be their largest release of 2022.

Early Life & School)

Zion Broadnax has yet to get any Wikipedia distinctions. She is a young artist that has received recognition from IMDB. Zion Broadnax  was born in 2010, according to her IMDB website, which provides her biographical information. She is currently 11 years old. Zion has always been described as a young actor who attends school and was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

She possesses a versatile acting talent that combines comedic and dramatic abilities. Her timing for playing comedic roles is impeccable. She can quickly pick up all of her dialogues because to her great memory. This smart young lady is employed and doing well academically for her age. She has not stated, however, if she attends a local school in her community or is being homeschooled.

Family of Zion Broadnax

When talking about Zion’s family, she reveals that her parents had only one child. She has frequently shown her love for her parents. Mrs. Keisha Broadnax and Mr. Michael Broadnax are her parents’ names. Her mother Keisha manages her Instagram account. Zion has posted a lot of pictures of herself with her parents on social media.

Do you know about the Child Actress as a Career of Zion?

Zion receiving her very first acting honor,sOURCE;iNSTGARAM

When Zion was just 7 years old, she made her acting debut. She worked on the short film “Deducoria” in 2018. She portrayed Little Holly in the globally acclaimed film “Holly Day” during the same time period. Not only has Zion provided her audience with this, but in 2019 she also contributed to the TV program “Station 19.”


In this TV show, she portrayed the comedic character Cute Kid. She has signed numerous brand advertising and a TVC over the past four years while still a young artist. Zion has previously appeared in a commercial for a certain children’s apparel line. Zion’s life has now been structured entirely on the performing industry in entertainment. In June 2022, she took home her first trophy for best supporting actor.

9 Interesting Zion Broadnax Facts

  • Zion enjoys using her Barbie dollhouse for play.
  • Little Zion enjoys time with her parents very much.
  • She used to attend her martial arts class each day.
  • Every time, she sends her parents greetings for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  • Tennis player Naomi Osaka is admired by Zion.
  • She has been active since June 26, 2018, on Instagram.
  • Zion Boradnax enjoys posing in various ways for the camera.
  • She enjoys keeping up with the newest hairstyles.
  • Zion can dance well too.

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