ZywOo is a French proficient gamer, who plays Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile from the group Imperativeness. He is AWPer in his group. He has played 19520 rounds in CS: Worldwide Hostile.

ZwyOo, as a master gamer, has nice insights with 16737 murders with 41.5% headshots, 12113 passings, and a 1.38 K/D proportion. He has figured out how to be a MVP at cs_summit 4, ECS Season 7 Finals, Focal point 2019, and DreamHack Experts Malmo 2019.

10 Fun Realities About ZywOo

  1. The genuine name of ZywOo is Matthew Herbaut. He was brought into the world on 9 November 2000 in France and he is 20 years of age, as of now.
  2. He holds a French identity and is of white nationality. Be that as it may, insights concerning his folks are yet to be investigated.
  3. He is an expert Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile player and is viewed as one of the world’s best CS players.
  4. Right now, ZywOo plays from group Imperativeness. Already, he played for Against All Power, Wysix Group, E-Corp Guards, Forget about it, Dizland, and numerous different gatherings.
  5. He utilizes Xtrfy M4 mouse, which is arranged at the setting including eDPI of 760, DPI of 400, Surveying purpose of 1000 Hz, and with 1.9 affectability. He utilizes a Corsair MM350 mousepad for gaming.
  6. ZywOo has ZOWIE by BenQ XL2546 with 1280*960 goal and 240 Hz invigorate rate. Additionally, he has a Corsair K70 Uncommon version console and Corsair HS50 Headset.
  7. ZywOo collected an aggregate of $299,221 as his professional rewards from Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile. He is AWPer in his group Essentialness.
  8. He won the Intel Outrageous Expert XV-Beijing On the web Europe on 22 November 2020 and Impact Chief: Fall 2020 Ordinary Season on 31 October 2020. Essentially, he came second in Impact Chief: Spring 2020 European Finals. As a prize, he got $60k, $25k, and $65k separately.
  9. ZwyOo is the most youthful player to be highlighted on HLTV’s Best 20 Player of the Year Positioning.
  10. He has 110k adherents on Instagram and 37k devotees on his Jerk, where he as often as possible transfers gaming recordings.

Facts of ZywOo

Name ZywOo
Birthday 9 November 2000
Age 20
Gender Male
Instagram cs_zywoo